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4 Song Series

1. Yesterday

beatles-yesterdayThe first song in this Beatles music for saxophone series is a Paul McCartney classic. This song has been covered by more musicians than any other song in history. It came out in 1965 on the Beatles Help! album. A simple and beautiful melody sung by Paul backed only by his acoustic guitar and a string quartet arranged by George Martin.

Now you can play it on your saxophone enjoying the same accompaniment!



2. I Feel Fine

beatles-i feel fineWritten by John Lennon and released in 1964. A great pop melody with a driving rockin’ guitar riff. Lennon asked Ringo to copy the R&B/latin groove used in the Ray Charles song “What ‘d I Say”.

Real classic Beatles vocal harmony which is used in this backing track as well… only with saxophones adding the BG’s.


3. Something

beatles_somethingAlthough Something was not the first song written by George Harrison that appeared on a Beatles record, it was the first Harrison song to be featured as an “A” side on a single. The “B” side was John Lennon’s  Come Together. Something first came out in 1969 as part of the Abbey Road album.

Both Lennon and McCartney praised it as Harrison’s best song written up to that point. The song was also heavily praised by Frank Sinatra, who said it was the best love song ever written.



4. A Day in the Life

beatles-adayinthelifeThe last song in this series of Beatles music for saxophone was written by John Lennon with the separate bridge section written by Paul McCartney.  A Day in the life was first released in 1967 as the last song on the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band record.

Lennon said he wrote most of the song by reading bits from daily news papers. The addition of the dream-like section with the lyrics “I’d love to turn you on” has a way of encapsulating the feel and vibe of a lot of 1960’s pop music of the era.

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