This site, is set up to be a membership site. You can still use it but many things such as certain lesson access will not work to someone who has not registered.

When purchasing things such as courses, eBooks and saxophone music it’s important to be registered and signed in to ensure you are emailed the download links of purchases you have made, otherwise the system will not recognize you and can’t send out the email containing your download links.

So make sure you are a registered member and take advantage of all there is to offer here!

Why is the site not recognizing me even after I’ve registered?

After you register you are automatically sent two emails for confirmation. The 2nd email requires you to click the link in it to confirm you are the person who registered. Sometimes this 2nd email gets ignored or lost and therefor the registration process is not completed. Check your spam folder. If still not found email for support from the contact page.

Why does the site keep directing me to the registration page after I’ve already registered?

You are sent two separate emails. The 2nd one must be clicked for confirmation and it’s this email that either got into your spam folder or lost somehow. If you can’t find it email support from the contact page.

I purchased a song or a course but did not receive any email with the download link?

You may have failed to put in your email address on the purchase page.
You may have registered but failed to click the 2nd email containing the confirmation link and so are not actually registered yet. Contact from the contact page from the top menu.

Do the songs come written for only Bb tenor saxophone?

All downloadable songs in the “Music” section are written out for Bb and Eb saxophones.