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    Hey Johnny. Watching the course videos I have noticed most finish with quite a few minutes left on the clock. Is this correct and I am not missing anything?

    Michael Bishop

    Hey Dazza, I don’t think you’re not missing anything because the same thing would happen on my cpu but it’s fine; not sure why that happens. If you right click them and download them to your cpu. you’ll see that happens when you’re looking at them while online only..but when watching them once their downloaded onto your cpu that doesn’t happen–technology can sometimes just be plain weird LOL When did you start Johnny’s Altissimo course? How’s it coming along for you?


    Only last week. Have my Otto link STM 6* MP coming so the plastic Yamaha can be put to the side. Really hope it plays well and sounds as i believe it will. The MP has been owned by a pro for 30 years who has retired due to illness so fingers crossed. Only $170 so a gamble but not a big one. I hope it matches my Yani 990 well. Am excited about starting the course. Can’t even come close to getting a G yet but had already got to the F# on the plastic Yam MP so I dont know whether the MP makes a difference or whether it is predominately technique?? I had better find an open field to practice in for a while I think.


    well done Dazza – good move doing the Altissimo course! It works!
    Initially Some of my mouthpieces worked better for the altissimo range,
    but once you get there any mouthpiece works!
    A the moment i only go up to Atissimo B – all dead easy , except for
    altissimo G which i can get out after a few blows – so i need to go back
    and redo parts of the course!


    my instructor showed me this –

    if you play a Bflat using the bis key,
    add the octave key,
    add the righthand Bflat key,
    add the righthand High Fsharp key
    this gives an easy altissimo G.

    it works everytime – problem is it doesn’t flow with the
    rest of the altissimo notes! lol


    Dazza, I noticed that same thing one one video and don’t know why it did that. I even re-edited it and it still cam out like that. I didn’t notice others but as you did I’m sure there can be more. The thing is it’s not cutting my lesson off, it’s just managed to somehow add extra time on to the end. I don’t like this and will get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, you can be sure you’ve seen the whole lesson cause I do a quick fade out on the end, if it was to cut off it would be very sudden, not at all like a fade out.


    Thanks for that. I’ll keep at it. Also, I am getting a nice tone through my Yamaha 5 C and wondering if you think I will struggle with the STM 6* when it comes. The seller warned it is is a big open MP but plenty of grunt when you are conditioned to it. I thought it was only a .80 thou so bigger than the 5C at .65. So is that considered a huge leap. If so should I put it to the side completely, use it occasionally til I build more strength or persist at it totally until my lips drop off or learn to cope. Be interested in yours and others thoughts…


    We’re all different Dazza but no matter how difficult it might be at first (maybe not too bad tho) I think it’s a good idea to have it and do a bit of playing on it daily. To get a bigger sound you’re gonna need a bigger mp so start on this. Give it some time. Let us know how it’s feeling after a couple weeks or so. Good opportunity to record yourself playing something BEFORE you start in on this.


    Dazza – in my case i had no problem jumping to a higher
    mouthpiece, i just had to drop down in reed size for a
    few months.

    In terms of control & tone my instructor thought i
    was crap, and made me drop back down to
    one of his mouthpieces that i tried out and
    played to him to listen to! That was because
    he didn’t want me performing like that in an

    Also in terms of building tone & demonstrating
    control of the mouthpiece in terms of dynamics
    and articulation, i noticed it was easier for me
    to hear very slight changes as improvements
    were made – had i used the higher mouthpiece
    sizes it would for me been impossible to notice
    any slight changes of improvement.
    Like Johnny says we’re all different & what
    works for me probably won’t work for you &
    vice versa – but i’m just giving you my experiences
    as a beginner.


    Dazza, or anyone else currently viewing the altissimo course video… how are they playing for you? smoothly or is there an occassional chop or freezing?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)
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