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    jak Swift

    Morning folks. I tried really hard Yesterday to give Jeff some feedback. Rather than just sticking to the topic, I tried to convey a phonetic method for learning rhythm patterns.
    I tied myself in knots. The more I thought about it, the harder it became. Not an easy tune to use as an example. ” Three blind mice ” would have been better.,.
    Well done Jeff !!
    Apologies for the mess, i wish there was a delete button….LOL !!
    Have a great day…..my apologies….


    Hi Jak, I just wrote a long reply on the Shine page … but it doesn’t appear.

    Short version – I practiced last night with your comment “blow through the sax” in mind, and Beverly asked me, “What are you doing different now?”
    I finished my session with a big smile as I’ve improved my tone a ‘STEP’ change upwards, thanks to you.

    Backtracks is something I don’t feel comfortable with, as I don’t really have the software or experience in creating this.
    I transpose the sheet music and play from that, but timing and rhythm is certainly something which I must focus on.

    Thanks again for your input as it has already paid dividends. Cheers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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