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    j c

      Hi, can you please show me how to play the bebop scale? Thanks


        Bebop gets quite a bit more diversified than blues. Bebop scales use different modes of major, melodic minor, and harmonic minor scales.

        Here, because you just stumbled in without checking what this site is about, besides the technical part of playing, we are focusing on blues scales that are used in Blues, Rock, R&B styles of music.

        I can recommend a great book for you called “How To Play Bebop” written by David Baker. This guy first coined the term “bebop scale”.

        Also, you can get some basic info on this site:

        Mind you, a good way to start towards bebop is the blues, so feel free to look into the Improvisation section on this site, you’ll still learn something from these lessons that will benefit you no matter what direction you go into.

        Good luck

        adewale bolero

          Hey, hello, im a begginer on altosax.. have been able to play on all the keys. but i need u to help me with possible scales that will help me to build my solo.. i dont really know how to solo, but i know solo comes from my improvization skills.. pls recommend all the scales that will be useful for me to build solos while playing.. hope u got me right.. thanks


            You can do it all with the basic blues scale, the pentatonic major scale and the pentatonic minor scale.

            I have covered it in the improvisation section here;

            Also, in the next couple weeks we will be announcing a more complete blues and rock improvisation saxophone course that may be perfect for you.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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