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    John Bagshaw

    I’ve signed in but can’t see how to get access to backing tracks on the website.

    Leo S.

    I have a similar problem when first bringing up the site, I have to downsize the screen and tap on the three bars in the upper corner to bring up the list of sections there you will find the word music click on that and the backing track will come up.


    Hiya John! Yo

    ya if you don’t ask you don’t get
    i’m certainly in ‘a chord’, and, itz hard to get ’em at the mo ‘eh

    technical issues @Johnny ?

    Herewith a way:

    1. Click “Premium Membership Info” atop on header (that’s 2nd right being between Checkout and Transcription Service)

    2. Scroll down to Blue Box, says “Huge Bonus”
    There’s pix of varied songs under there too,
    Don’t click on any of these songs ‘though, get ‘404 page not found’

    Wherein that blue box you’ll see :
    “Your monthly membership includes up to 4 songs each month from our Saxophone Music section”

    3. Click on the words “Saxophone Music”, that is being highlighted in orange text

    4 Enjoy!


    as for the “Music” text being covered up, I’ll get my tech to look at that.

    To access your free music downloads go to the “Repertoire” page in the Premium Membership section.
    then under the video near the bottom of that page you’ll see this month’s coupon code.


    so the reason that some of you can’t see the “Music” link on top menu left may be because you have your broewser settings to view text at higher than 100%.
    Many people do expand this for easier reading ability to 125% or 150% etc.


    Ya @Johnny

    that’s it!!
    great detective work!! whoo hoo
    hands in the air itz been a cover up
    good techy feedback
    we can see clearly now!!

    i run Google chrome, see top right of screen icon “MORE”
    See ZOOM + and –
    i’m running at 100% and gotta go down to 80% to see the Music icon
    Maybe the “how to play saxophone dot org” logo has gotta go!?
    Elvis has already left the building!
    Jolly good show, spiffing hey what?


    🙂 hi @Leo S.

    Thank you ever so much for earlier addressing this issue, guess i lost the plot and couldn’t see MUSIC in my list of PC sections

    viz “the three bars in the upper corner to bring up the list of sections there you will find the word music”

    looking at it again clearly in a fresh light it makes perfect sense …
    yet thinkin’ a comma after “section” may have made it a bit easier?

    ~ my kingdom for a comma !!

    Says Bill Shakespeare, all’s well that ends well
    be bup a lu dah


    Down sailing club using android tablet offa my iPhone hotspot
    (My iPad died, giving something else a go)
    if I put tablet long ways i get the three bars on right hand side from which i can acces Music from the menu pop up
    If I turn other way its same on screen as my home PC and Music tab hidden by the logo thangy

    brother cavefishbrother cavefish

    i am looking for the one for Bill doggett “the slow walk” if possible

    Connie Gee

    I can’t either

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 16 total)
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