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    take your pick, all sites are the same


    What i’m doing here is just getting fluid with the Alto G Blues scale (G Bb C Db D F), a less boring way of doing a straight scales practice while at the same time, practicing various embellishments. It’s not a proper improvisation, where you can fall on the correct starting note of each chord change.

    Next, i need to work on getting familiar with some other blues scales….keeping it simple

    I want to narrow it down to one website for uploading and delete the other two websites, probably get rid of the soundcloud as i cant get a video on there, it’s between youtube or vimeo, see which offers the best.

    Feel free to like or dislike, or comment on any of the websites.

    brother cavefishbrother cavefish

    one of your first thoughts, keep it simple,thats very important in blues, you might be doing too many keys too fast , just slow it down and dragggg some notes it will be more on the blues side , instead of jazz ,,food for thought


    Absolutely Cavefish, but before you start getting too far into the complexities of playing a proper blues improvisation, you 1st of all need to get familiar with the keys in the scale, so that you know your way round the scale when not playing with a music sheet. So it helps at the outset to be able to play at various speeds, which also applies to practicing all scales.

    The normal student/teacher approach is just practice going up and down a scale, which is fine, and can get very tedious, which puts a lot of beginners off practicing scales. So as an alternative, put a G major backing track on, and practice the G or G blues scales, and start at random points in the scale going up and down in all directions at various speeds, and spice it up with all the different types of embellishments as well. Have fun..


    hey i like this jammin’ of yours @walley on the alto – really inspires me heaps
    certainly compliments Johnny’s thang on the tenor
    buddy, i think you got the gig
    and the holy growl

    hey check this vid out; do reckon that JF’s signature blue suit is inspiring a whole new generation ??
    ya where can i get me one …


    lively video for sure.


    cool, sounds like they’re reading off of my band’s set list!
    I never went for the tall hair tho.


    Finally narrowed it down to just using one website for uploading.

    Got rid of Soundcloud, too many people trying to get me to pay a monthly fee to get my tracks broadcast to a wider audience, Come on man, i’m a learner on the sax, don’t insult me.

    Got rid of Vimeo, they only allow you a limited space size of uploads every week, which can be frustrating if you want to upload several long tunes.

    So sticking with youtube, and all the tripe that comes with it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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