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    Just started lesson 2 of the improvisation course.
    Playing around the A major pentatonic scale (concert C) to Johnny’s Blues in C Band Tracks.
    Had a lot of fun with this, first time playing without sheet music, just whatever came into my head.
    Wow improvisation is fun.



    That’s the idea. think of playing short phrases, each phrase is played within a 4 bar section, there are 3 of these in a 12 bar blues.
    as the end of the 12 bars comes around be carefull to not be in the middle of a phrase as this makes you sound “off” with the band.
    you must learn to “feel” the length of these 12 bar choruses for this to go smoothly and a good reminder is how the drummer always plays a very distinctive fill there to finalize this end and start a new chorus.



    Hey thanks for the info Johnny
    Thats what i will do next.

    In your lesson you say try 3,4 then 5
    notes in each of the 12 bars.
    I won’t move on till i can do that!

    I was just fun trying to get the blues
    feel for the pentatonic scale.

    reminds me a lit of guys saying these
    words like ‘bo ba doo ba ba’ and then
    someone on the sax plays
    the same sound! wish i could that!


    yes, I mean use those 3, 4, and 5 notes to compose those short phrases – do bop de do bop is your 1st short 3 note phrase which you can add an answering phrase – de bop de da do which is a 4 note phrase



    its amazing when you get into that 12 bars blues, how much fun you
    can get out of it.
    Just feel it and get into the swing
    of it!
    I re-listened my recording & picked out the end of each 12 bars, from where the drumming changes & heard where my phrases were not fitting in! and overlapping the 4 bars,
    including the 12 bar change over.

    Then i re-listened your bluesinC track to see your feel for it!
    Where your phrasing fits in.
    It makes sense now – thanks!
    you make it look so easy!

    thanks for the
    do bop de do bop ( 3 note phrase)
    de bop de da do ( 4 note phrase)
    this gives me more ideas to play
    around. Reckon i’ll spend a couple
    if weeks just getting into exercise.

    Thanks Johnny, for taking time,
    to show hows its done.

    Like my sax teacher gave me a tip
    on playing ‘cry me a river’ – he told
    me to flick the side D key to get a
    special effect !

    wayne wojnarowski
    wayne wojnarowski

    hey johnny its Wayne Wojnarowski how do I get to hear the c jam blues I just got your email about it and I’m stuck in this forum sec. I have to tell you, you are a great teacher and you make me want to get all your lesson’s. Create some funk ones like in the vein of Maceo!


    hi Wayne, go to the home page and at the bottom you’ll see the section for free videos, click the one on the right called Improvisation.
    if you are signed in it will take you there.

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