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    Here are four recordings taken in my sax lesson,
    using a Go Pro.

    I asked my teacher to improvise to 3 tracks in Alto G and the last track in Alto E (as i’m new to E).

    What i wanted to hear, was his ideas of what he does in improvisation, as i’m at a loss of what to come up with while improvising. So we did a bit of call and response.


    whoo hoo look at you rock, @walley

    itz all coming together for you mate and it is certainly inspiring for many others too!
    many thanks for your sharing and, further, your wonderful teacher for stepping up

    i am ever so happy for you, you gun thang you – these 4 vids are no comparision to the earlier YouTube ones this week closeted in your bedroom
    just love it
    hey did you see i had no squeaks or bad feedback earlier pertaining to the bedroom scales and etudes?
    Note: no body else either did either hey ๐Ÿ™‚

    personally and candidly learnt my lesson from gunning down a lovely guy, Jeff, earlier, that used to contribute greatly to site here
    i don’t mean to be a nastoz and most importantly i just wasn’t qualified or warranted to offer up a crap sandwich on his alto playing just coz i been playing guitar more than a few years and like to strut around like king dick kicking sand in peoples’ mouth(pieces) um ah err #MyToxicPast
    trust Jeff is still playing and improving muchly somewhere in a really good place
    think he might be!!
    coz ya gotta be a little bit manically fixated to stick with this marvellous brass flying machine of ours ‘eh ….

    Ya; stick to it @walley no flies on you – if there have been can’t see where they landed ‘eh lol ๐Ÿ™‚
    i know you, you know me
    says Ram Dass, if by chance we meet itz beautiful, if not it can’t be helped

    keep posting, your name is not Bill, and, Bill Posters will be Prosecuted
    haha mark

    love this guy, real nice to jam along with his lessons on varied instruments, nb am not trying to detract from your magnificent post herewith in any event,
    — check it out if you are so inclined …..


    Thanks @saxomonica – improvisation, is like writing a new book, difficult to think up on the spot what to play (especially for beginners).

    Cool guitarist

    everyone has off days, if you concentrated on peoples occasional faults, youโ€™d end up with no friends, have a blast i say.

    Iโ€™m sure Jeff is working hard and having fun.


    Thanks @walley a friend is a second self, and a reflection of oneself

    excellent guitarist and teacher’eh ! nice clip,
    he says Keith woulda played it on a Gibson Hummingbird acoustic in open E
    i usually play it normal tuning offa the seventh fret B D A7 E bar chords, muting the two string riffs
    but lotsa guys copy Keith in signature style open G tuning with no high E string – viz 5 strings only

    Nice guitar, i know that brand more known for their superior machine heads
    copy of a Tele
    hey i used to have a fender Telecaster years back ha shoulda kept that one!
    guitars come and go ..
    good friends are forever

    about that same time had a Fender Pro Reverb Black Face model for a while
    a you beaut score at the for hock shop for five hundred bucks,
    changed a coupla valves and sold it later for $1600-
    those were the days my friend ๐Ÿ™‚
    let the good times roll
    faults are thick where love is thin

    wow i betcha Jeff is cranking by now if he stuck with it hey

    check it out, reasonable sax vid here –


    @saxomonica cool i never knew the rolling stones had so many recordings with a sax player. Thatโ€™s mainly because i only rated the guitars, drums, singers, piano in that order, payed no attention to wind instruments (only rated them as glorified orchestral recorders),
    but that all changed when i tried a sax out, i guess i was only attracted by its looks.

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