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    Hi Johnny,
    In view of the recent changes to your website, i need to change my password now , and i can’t find the page that allows me to change the password.

    I tried logging on using my laptop, and there is still no message to say that i am logged in, so it’s not a problem related to my i-touch.



    Also where has the page gone to log out of this site?



    Does anyone know how to change your password on this website?

    Also when i use my i-touch to login it’s still not allowing me to login at the 1st attempt. Does anyone else use an i-touch or i-phone have this problem? , it seems to be my i-touch.


    sxpoet – On the home page, click on forum. On the forum page in the top right hand corner click on your name. On the next page click on settings then follow the instructions.

    Mel 🙂



    Thanks Mel – found it, and changed my password.



    Any idea where the logoff button is?



    Thanks JF,
    found everything i want, the laptop display is different to the i-touch display.


    ok good. it’s good to bring up issues that don’t seem right cause maybe something needs a fix.
    I believe things are back again – crossing my fingers.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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