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    i’ve had a sore throat for a couple days, and now i’ve got a dripping nose.

    Whats the professional view?
    Should you stop playing the sax if you have a sore throat? in my case i’ve stopped playing the sax when i have a sore throat, as in the past i found playing the sax with a sore throat made the sore throat last a few extra days, whereas not playing the sore throat, it went away in 2 days.

    Which begs the question, when the sore throat has gone, but the nose is still running, and you are constantly blowing your nose every few seconds – when is the best time to start back practicing?


    yes stop playing. it’s very uncomfortable and I agree that it will prolong your sickness.
    the only time I forced myself through a time like that is when I had to do the gig and so had no choice but to play through it. If you’re just at home practicing there’s no reason to prolong the suffering!


    thanks Johnny – i’ll wait until my nose has stopped dripping, and resume when it’s starting to dry up. I don’t mind playing and occasionally blowing my nose, but not playing and blowing my nose every few seconds. Just very frustrating not being able to practice.


    3 weeks later just starting to get rid of the cold. So not been able to play the sax much as my cold developed into sinusitis later on, which rarely happens. Fine start to 2020! The whole of january wasted.

    so trying out a product recommended by a pro sax player that swears by it for keeping him cold free, as he plays lots of gigs.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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