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    Hi Johnny,
    can you tell me what your e-mail address is,
    so i can forward on a email receipt wrongly
    sent to an old email address of mine, saying
    i bought sway on nov 11th, order number 89550.

    This is not my order, and i need to know what is
    going on, and why i got this email.


    John Knearem

    Johnny this may be just a coincidence but I ordered sway on the 11th ord #89542, this one of the 4 that I can not download just trying to give you any details that might help. John Knearem

    Andrew Lagrotteria

    sxpoet, I just replyied to your email with the explanation. It was me testing some things using a few members emails…nothing was purchased just me going through the steps testing a coupon code that is giving us some issues.
    sorry to have alarmed you, I should have explained last night while I was doing it but I was burning the midnight oil and got worn right out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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