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    Sgt Roy

    Hi Y’all, (that’s Southern for everyone),.. I’m a former Tenor player from my high school & early college days, learned how to play by ear from a local Sax player when my folks bought me a used Martin Tenor for $75 in the early 60’s. One mouthpiece I bought was a Selmer Jazz mouthpiece which I really liked. I played in rock ‘n roll & R&B bands before joining the military where my playing days came to an end. I played in an 8 piece R&B group my Freshman year of college, 4 of the guys were music majors at the school so I learned a lot from them. But being a House Band at a local night club,.. let’s just say it wasn’t conducive for an 18 year old to gain a lot of formal education. I’ve played guitar for years, saw an old Martin Tenor on eBay, bought it on a whim and now I want to get that sound back in my life. When it got to my house, I bought some reeds, couple of mouthpieces, one a metal Brilhart, soaked a new reed, put it on and remembered the fingering for a couple tunes I used to play,.. uh, but let’s just say I need to work on my lip. 🙂

    My early learning was copying covers by Curtis Ousley, one of my favorite all time Sax men. Come on folks, tell me who that was! He was also a great Jazz player, I have two of his LP’s, one “In a Jazz Groove”, and have to look up the other one on the shelf. I’m looking forward to getting back into it,.. Thanks!


    Hey Roy, ya King Curtis has always been one of my faves too. Got both those jazz lp’s as we;; as some of his other ones Live at Fillmore etc, plus a few cassette tapes some friends have given me over the years.
    good luck with your new horn!


    Gary Deripaska

    Well Hello Roy, I speak southern too, as being from Memphis, I’m fully fluent in southern 🙂 . Also thank you for your service sir. Same here, learned in High School, then a small band there in Memphis after High School.

    Welcome aboard !!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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