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    Jesse Lawrence

    Hi,how long should the copper reed last? A few years ago you tried to get a ligature similar to the one you use. Are there manufacturers who could produce it or is the existing one patented?


    Fiberreeds last me about 10 months. It’s gonna differ for everyone depending on how much you play on it of course. I could see one lasting around 6-7 months of long daily use and up to 12 months or more for not so much use.

    as for the lig I use it’s a Winslow and of course it’s got a patent.
    I contacted John Winslow to see if he wanted to sell them on my site but he said no. Too many people have screwed him over the years.
    I would see his lig on a site selling for $200-$300 when he sells them for around $80-$90.
    There is a copy of his ligature called saxxas…it’s not as good but it’s a copy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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