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    Nick Tucker

    Hello all! I have playtested about 3 mouthpieces from Johnny and I have to get rid of one. The mouthpiece for sale is the MB2 Fatboy. It’s just been playtested, basically new. If anyone is interested I’ll ship free in the US. Just email me for more details at ntucker@liberty.edu


    Dan Fleming

    Hey Nick, You didn’t like yours either, huh? I bought a Fatboy M2 like yours and didn’t like it either. Sold it for a big loss. I made the mistake thinking I’d sound like Johnny if I played it but I really knew better. It’s perfectly suited for Johnny with his ballsy, rough style but not for me. I sounded pretty good on certain songs but for overall playing I use a Lawton 7 Star B. Sticking to it. Hope you can sell yours soon.



    Hi Guys i sure do need bigger balls to amp up my playing, am currently on a Selmer S80 D mp, Rovner dark lig, Bari M synthetic, Trevor J. James The Horn Revolution II, so ya i will be keen as mustard to give it a swing if the price is right, hey i don’t need any free steak knives, and will pm. Hmm i don’t wanna fight anyone else about this, i am a peace lover, once in the local pool hall it nearly came to fisticuffs when this dude was pretty out of it and he took offence when i won the break and said, i got big balls, just sayin …

    meanwhile some easy surfing music …



    the joys of playing a sax, so many mouthpieces to try out.


    Nick Tucker

    Yep! I think we all do it! Mouthpiece is still for sale. Message me if interested!

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