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      Thanks John – it didn’t cross my mind to think of trying different fingering positions for Altissimo C from your Altissimo course!! I shall have to try them out over the next few days.

      i sometimes find when playing certain combinations of notes in time, i have to sacrifice the tone of one of the notes in favour of using an easier alternative fingering position – the current Altissimo C position fits well with the fingering flow.

      Thanks again for the valuable feed back, it’s so easy to overlook things.


        i think i’ve solved the Altissimo C tuning problem… i found if i take in a bit more mouthpiece, then it gives me more control of the tuning pitch!!


          there ya go!
          also, I sometimes add another key that doesn’t actually change the pitch but will flatten or sharpen it and this can totally help get it perfectly in tune. These are usually the side keys…


            Thanks Again John

            i recalled in the past you mentioned something about taking in more mouthpiece – i found i can make very slight throat-air adjustments to alter the pitch, instead of using lip pressure to change the pitch which tends to make larger pitch adjustments.
            Interestingly i also found it stabalised the Low C pitch which i was having slight problems with.

            Back to work on the Rubank elementary methods book – about 3/4 ways through which is the equivalent of doing grade 4 abrsm music sheets. some good finger licking exercises in there!

            Best Wishes

          Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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