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    Robert Frederick

      This is a little music videeo I did with my oldest adaughter who came home to be with us over the holidays. We shot it Chritmas Eve. I thought about a sone ine every room of the house, but then to make it fater, did one song and all several rooms. Also, hid the 12 cats of Christmas in each video Scene. Go a new Apogee Mic+ which workes much better that a cell phone.

      Dr. Bob

      Home for the Holidays 2020


        well done Robert…looks and sounds great. thanks for sharing!


          Wow, my english teacher would give me a good thrashing with his cane if i did that. Sad thing to this day, is i still get mixed up with i before e or e before i.

          I liked the way the video was presented, very well thought out! Alas i have no video skills, so can’t compete in that department.

          well played.

          Leo Salu

            Hello Bob, watched both your Christmas video’s, wife and I loved the tour of your home with you playing in each room, great editing to get that continued song with out a break in each room, well done. Johnny’s site is a great place for Saxophone players around the country to get to enjoy and listen to fellow saxophone enthusiasts. Keep the songs coming.. Leo from Mass. (how deep is your love)

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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