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    I recorded myself on GarageBand, laid dow the melody track and I laid another track for a backing track. “I REMEMBER LOVING YOU” I uploaded the song onto Soundcloud. How do I put the soundcloud recording on the “How To Play Saxophone web site?
    William https://soundcloud.com/user-718137702/i-remember-loving-you-111319-136-pm-1


    hey William that’s pretty cool! nice melody and that effect nailed it.
    I don’t use soundcloud but it’s like embedding a youtube video where you copy the embed link and insert it into your post.
    I think this page may walk you thru it:


    Thanks Johnny. I first heard “I Remember Loving You, a duet by Priscilla Herdman and Utah Phillips a few years ago. Utah Phillips sings in the style of Pete Seeger, and Priscilla Herdman sings in the style of Joan Baez.
    I have a soundcloud account. I need to learn how to delete some music that I posted years ago. Cheers and thanks again for your support.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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