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    Mike Potter

    Fun song!

    get it on


    I think that’s probably one of the most difficult ones in the music downloads section…very well done Mike, nailed it.


    Once again Mike, that was a brilliant take. love your sound on all your plays on the forum*****.



    Mike Potter

    Thank you folks, this was a very challenging song, I listened a bunch of times to Johnny play it and then listened a bunch of times to Marvin sing it, then I’d try recoding it and just blow the timing. This wasn’t a “one take” song, I’m sure my neighbors think I have Tourette’s!

    Now on to a duet with my oldest granddaughter, she plays alto in HS and wants to do “What a Wonderful World” with me. This should be fun, I’m thinking we’ll trade of measures in the vocal line and then play the tag phrase together. Poor kid hasn’t been able to play or sing (she’s in the concert band, wind ensemble and the high level girls singing group) at school with her friends in two months. I’ll try and make it as fun as possible for her.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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