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    it’s really weird just playing using only
    the Mouthpiece! even though the range
    is only 8 notes !
    You imagine the note in your mind,
    and you automaticaly play it!
    So i thought i’d have a go at “mary had
    a little lamb” and found i could hit all the
    notes correctly in the first attempt.
    The brain seems to remember all the
    positions of the 8 notes. similar to saying
    the letters of the alphabet, we do it without
    thinking how to do it.


    Freaky! Mary would be so proud.
    ‘Where the mind goes, the body follows.’
    ‘We are what we think we are, having become what we thought.’

    Soon enough the neighbours are gonna stop calling the RSPCA to come and shoot me for the agonized moose calls, a whole lotta squawkin’ ‘n bellowing going on
    – hey thanx heaps Johnny for mindfully lending us your ears and the keys to the highway with your lessons! Yeah, and the focus and exuberance kindly imparted.
    Soon enough can start working thru all them there wonderful songs you’ve made for us! Whatta hootenanny. Whoo hoo, letz go rack them lambs up, i’m pretty amped.


    Cool riff “Mary Had A Little Lamb”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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