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    Not a tip as such..

    i asked my Pro about the height of the D E F keys from the key holes, ‘Would it help play faster if they were lowered by a sax repairer guy?’

    The answer was ‘if you keep the B A G keys permanently held down, and blow a G note, while at the same time hold all three a D E F keys together and very slowly bring all three D E F keys halfway down, the G note is bent down’.
    So it’s very useful to have the D E F keys that high up.

    It works just like the clutch on a car, it takes a lot of practice to slowly move the three D E F keys together to bend the note down.

    the solution is to get the sax repair guy to bend the springs, to make the key action lighter, to play faster….



    Sorry, i meant lower the sax key pads, not the keys themselves.


    some guys have cork put on those keys to make em easier to hit…is that what you’re talking about?



    I made a mistake in the title, should have said ‘Physically lower the Key Pads’, or the pads above the tone holes on the sax, where you get leaking pads.

    because the pads are so high above the holes in the sax, this allows you to physically bend pitches down by lowering the pads halfway without closing the holes. So if you play mid G, by pressing the F key slightly, allows you to bend the mid G pitch down.

    What i was asking would it speed up key action, by having the tone hole pads lowered by a sax repair guy? The reply was if you lower the tone hole pads, then you cant bend pitches down on the sax, while using other sax keys to bend the note down, instead of bending a note down using your embouchure.

    a sax repair guy, could speed up key action by bending springs on the sax instead.

    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    i have heard of thicker cork for speed hits, but never thought about doing it ,kind of a task, something to think about

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