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    Robert Frederick

    Is it safe to click on the above link?

    i only click on Stuff posted on youtube, vimeo or Soundcloud.


    all good @Walley
    first time i tried this google thang
    soundcloud seems the usual go for many

    Wow, Robert, that’s pretty good eh! Very good actually! Way to go
    Your tone might be a justa little teeny bit thin but may be the mic?
    or reed
    Doncha worry, it probably grows as it goes.
    And you’ve just started out on sax recently, right ?
    Maybe some good growls and tounge flutter to come?
    I like how you start out sedate and wind it up with good gusto 🙂
    a note on 1:40 and 2:12 needs developing with looser embouchere?
    Man i am blown away – well done ‘eh – and it is a very good effort!
    I’m gonna try and find the music for this air and give it a go.
    (EDIT Aha!! i didn’t know we had it on site, there ya go)
    Thank you so much for posting and for the inspiration, cheers!
    i don’t know ANY songs all the way thru yet to post.
    Hey, how come you chose this particular song?
    coz ya gotta certain #hottie to serenade? or your sax is very pretty? lol


    @saxomonica – i’ll give it a miss and stick to soundcloud/youtube/vimeo uploads, can’t trust anyone these days.


    No worries @walley – “when mistrust enters love departs”

    Yet i feel all the while he’s done a pretty lovely effort
    Am rather impressed with Music player for Google Drive too
    ‘There is no disputing about tastes’ ..
    Stay cool

    Pretty Woman
    Roy Orbison

    Pretty woman, walkin’ down the street
    Pretty woman the kind I like to meet
    Pretty woman I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth
    No one could look as good as you, mercy
    Pretty woman won’t you pardon me
    Pretty woman I couldn’t help but see
    Pretty woman that you look lovely as can be
    Are you lonely just like me
    Pretty woman stop awhile
    Pretty woman talk awhile
    Pretty woman give your smile to me
    Pretty woman yeah, yeah, yeah
    Pretty woman look my way
    Pretty woman say you’ll stay with me
    ‘Cause I need you, I’ll treat you right
    Come with me baby, be mine tonight
    Pretty woman don’t walk on by

    Robert Frederick


    Thank you for your note and constructive feedback. I have been playing for a while (started 50 years ago in 4th grade), but recently picked things back up (4 years ago). This is the first song I have recorded and shared. It was recorded is a studio. My daughter is an accomplished harp player and we took her into a sound studio to record her senior recital. After they were all done and left, I snuck in the studio and did one song with the sound engineer. So I was not quite as wide open as usual since it was one take and the first time in a sound studio.


    Robert Frederick


    Sorry about the Google drive link. I will find a more robust way to share.


    Guys Google Drive is a legitimate cloud storage platform developed by Google (ever heard of them?) in 2012. I understand about being careful online but it’s Kinda silly to trust Youtube and not google drive…same company.

    as for the recording, ya Robert, I like your phrasing, comes across very well. for developing your sound I beleive playing louder for the next while will help. If you can, play everything louder, this will help open up your sound more….let it out!


    Not funny, when some scammer gets hold of your e-mail address and spreads it round the world wide web, the non-stop junks pours in.
    Been there got the tea shirt.

    you only have one option and that is to delete your e-mail address, and go through the hassle of setting up a new e-mail address and informing all your friends. Then you have to go through all the websites linked to your e-mail address and change them to use your new e-mail address.

    Robert Frederick


    Thank you for the feedback. I think the sound engineer may have not balanced it out as it was one fast take at the end of my daughter’s recording session. I will let it rip next time. As we used to say in high school band, “Loud is good. Fast is better. Loud and fast is best 🙂 ”


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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