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    Robert Frederick


    I re-did the previous soundtrack (same original file) and put on YouTube with some photos (my Cardiac Rehab Nurses). The lead sounds a little louder on this playback

    Dr. Zoot

    Prrety Woman II


    Thanks – for taking time out to put it on youtube!

    Getting a good quality recording of the sax is a just as complicated as finding the right setup for your sax. As a fellow musician, i find getting a good recording of my sax is like walking in quick sand, so i try to overlook the quality of recordings uploaded and focus more on the player.

    From a listeners point of view i enjoyed it, being a fellow intermediate player of the sax, my focus is drawn to the articulations, live the mood of the music, express the mood of the music.

    thanks for sharing this on your website

    as i’m currently trying to improve my articulations.


    Yo, caring & considerate comments on Bob’s account there, @walley , good stuff
    @Johnny is pretty liberal in his dissemination of info; pretty cool hey what?

    Noice / it grows as it goes / get ya kicks on hyper routes & arteries lol

    There ya go @Robert Frederick!! whoo hoo you manifestly you’ve got your heart in it and really pumpin’
    Aha!! now ya answered my earlier question as to why you learnt this song in the first instant 🙂
    Allrighty, to paraphrase ‘The Monkeys’, Ima Subscriber
    As a slothy moving beginner sax player i appreciate having something to shoot for.

    Hey guys, so i just found this air on Youtube, itz maybe little off topic but kinda there in a parallel Uni-verse ..\
    screamin’ for an injection of sax
    I love it / hey do you think a tenor D pentatonic blues scale pads this out somewhat or do i just need to see a Nurse soon?
    check it in:
    D F G Ab A C D


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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