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    Does anyone use this website?

    I was looking to join a similar website called bandhub,
    but bandhub didn’t appeal to me,
    as i like the idea of trying out working online
    with backing tracks, getting other folks to add their
    instruments. …



    hi @sxpoet

    i’ll check it out Champ
    sounds good on line gigging!
    procallabs hhu? (your link didn’t come thru)
    meanwhile what’s your thoughts on this one?






    @saxomonica – nice backing track, is it you playing?

    i signed up to procollabs, just waiting to hear back
    from them, apparently it takes 24 hrs.

    Mainly looking at playing along to a track, sort of improvising,
    but more of a melody than improvisation propper.





    yo @sxpoet
    nope not me on the wikiloop track just one for the sake of example
    yep noice hey

    ya nice beatles track with saxy ad lib 🙂

    so i’ve joined procollabs too
    but like you, so much going on, i haven’t had a good bo peep as yet
    wow it’d be great to hook up with @jeff again, say

    really appreciate your earlier idea to take all your varied sax notes, stick ’em away, and cycle thru!!

    hey mate bookmarked this link below about a year ago on laptop, and, am clearing thru them all / deleting / tidying up now

    it is really good for diaghram control using sub tones,
    that is, being a fantastic late and timely discovery!!
    it’s gonna be a big part of my day(s)

    check out at around 07:50 on – if you have time ?
    guys this is interestin’



    @saxmonica – i created the following backing track using
    the “IReal Pro” ap on my iPad. It’s just 12 lines,
    one line for each major scale, and each line is 8 bars long,
    There’s only one chord played in each bar of the backing track.

    in each line (ie Major Scale) the
    (II) minor7th chord is the 1st bar (Dorian)
    (V) dominant7th chord is the 2nd bar (Mixolydian)
    (I) major7th chord is in the 3rd and 4th bars (Ionian)
    bars 5,6,7,8 are a repeat of bars 1,2,3,4.

    The 12 scales follow the circle of 4ths,
    so it’s fairly easy to recall the sequence of chords.

    I use it for practicing improvisation to the 12 major scales,
    and you can improvise using
    notes in the Dorian scale (1st bar)
    notes in the Mixolydian scale (2nd bar)
    notes in the Ionian scale (3 and 4 th bars).

    for ex i’ve spent the last 3 months playing the notes
    1 2 1 2 for each bar..
    in line 1 – 1st bar play the 4 notes B C# B C#
    in line 1 – 2nd bar play the 4 notes E F# E F#
    in line 1 – 3rd and 4th bar play the 4 notes A B A B
    in line 1 – 5th bar play the 4 notes B C# B C#
    in line 1 – 6th bar play the 4 notes E F# E F#
    in line 1 – 7th and 8th bar play the 4 notes A B A B

    B is middle B,
    C# is middle C#
    E is middle E
    F# is middle F#
    A is low A

    So it’s taught me to remember where the 1st and 2nd notes of all 12 major scales are.

    This week i’ve started practicing the 1 2 3 1 for each bar
    in line 1 – 1st bar play the 4 notes B C# D B (its a minor chord, dont play D#)
    in line 1 – 2nd bar play the 4 notes E F# G# E
    in line 1 – 3rd and 4th bar play the 4 notes A B C# A

    So this is learning me to remember where the 3rd and 3rd(flat) is for all 12 major

    You get the drift , later i’ll practice 1 2 5 1, lots of different combinations

    Order of chords in backing track

    Bm7 / E7 / Amaj7 / Amaj7 / Bm7 / E7 / Amaj7 / Amaj7

    Am7 / D7 / Gmaj7 / Gmaj7 / Am7 / D7 / Gmaj7 / Gmaj7

    Gm7 / C7 / Fmaj7 / Fmaj7 / Gm7 / C7 / Fmaj7 / Fmaj7

    Fm7 / Bb7 / Ebmaj7 / Ebmaj7 / Fm7 / Bb7 / Ebmaj7 / Ebmaj7

    D#m7 / G#7 / C#maj7 / C#maj7 / D#m7 / G#7 / C#maj7 / C#maj7

    C#m7 / F#7 / Bmaj7 / Bmaj7 / C#m7 / F#7 / Bmaj7 / Bmaj7

    Cm7 / F7 / Bbmaj7 / Bbmaj7 / Cm7 / F7 / Bbmaj7 / Bbmaj7

    Bbm7 / Eb7 / Abmaj7 / Abmaj7 / Bbm7 / Eb7 / Abmaj7 / Abmaj7

    G#m7 / C#7 / F#maj7 / F#maj7 / G#m7 / C#7 / F#maj7 / F#maj7

    F#m7 / B7 / Emaj7 / Emaj7 / F#m7 / B7 / Emaj7 / Emaj7

    Em7 / A7 / Dmaj7 / Dmaj7 / Em7 / A7 / Dmaj7 / Dmaj7

    Dm7 / G7 / Cmaj7 / Cmaj7 / Dm7 / G7 / Cmaj7 / Cmaj7



    forgot to add, its for the alto sax.

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