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    jak Swift

    Hi, and a Happy Mothers day to your respective Mums.
    So, the start of another working week and I’m feeling good. ” Working Week ” were a late eighties band. Made up of session guys; does anybody remember their one hit ” Thought I’d never see you again ” ??
    The tenorman Larry Stabbins, is a remarkable player. I really think you’d like this track.
    For this evenings listening, probably the new David Byrne ( Talking Heads ) album; ” American Utopia ”
    Its getting ***** reviews; everywhere. Rightly so, the guy is a super creative maverick, with an ironic take on life.
    The deposit is down on the Conn, and man it is something special. I’m not tempting fate by going into it until i have it. I’ll even find a way of loading some shots on a friends pro Mac set up.
    The Lupifaro is on E Bay tomorrow. The dealer selling me the tenor, is also putting it up for sale in his store on a commission basis.
    All things happen for a reason ? I don’t know about that, but here’s the thing. I lost my way, due to a serious breakdown. Straight fact !!
    On the flip side; within a month or two, I’ll be back to where i was twenty years or more so. Playing tenorsax, seeking that Getz, Rousse, Sims, tone.
    Its never left me. The whole reason i got into sax from the off, was to find that elusive, beautiful tone. I’ve put in the years, the study, now thankfully I have the chance to pick up where I left off. I can’t blame the horns I’ve had, the mistakes I’ve made. I’m just so very , very grateful that this horn by default has come my way. I can do it….I will do it.
    Forums are an odd thing. This one is, thanks to Johnny the best. I’ve had as I’ve said in the past had some dreadful arguments on the bigger ones. Again , here’s the thing. I’ve remained true to myself, my beliefs. We are people first, sax players second. I will speak with a guy who has played for a week, with as much courtesy as i would to the worlds greatest players. The sycophants know who they are; and with a wry smile , I wish them the best of luck.
    Its going to be a good year. I have my focus back !! Thankyou, to those who have wished me only a speedy recovery and good health. Right back at you !!
    Have a great week folks….
    Let’s see what’s going on around the place….


    Hi Jak

    Here’s one of my favourites from Talking Heads, I bought all their albums, great stuff. “Yeahhh!”

    jak Swift

    Hi Jeff, yup, a great band. I did listen to ” American Utopia ” last night. First impression… not great. Very Short tracks with a definite theme.
    ” Home ” off a few albums back….DB at his best.
    Have a good day man !!


    Hi Jak, I’ve just ordered that box set of Gene Ammons. Four CD’s at a bargain price with Mel’s featured CD included – jackpot!

    If you have a minute, would you listen to my ‘Shine’ recording. Perhaps you can give me some pointers. When I ask Beverly she says, “It sounds great!” but I’m reading the music and it always sounds poor to me. Cheers


    The Talking Heads video reminded me of this one.

    jak Swift

    Hi, Jeff. Literally just got home, and got your message. The Box set will be superb, no doubt about it. I’ll give ” shine ” a listen right now. A pleasure. Say hi to Bev for me….

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