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    Something new.
    Scored the Alligator CD album, Noble Thin Man Watts, Return of the Thin Man just recently, guys
    With special guest, Taj Mahal
    Maybe you’ve already heard him?
    This air pops heya< Nobility,
    F# Blues

    F# G# Bb C# Eb

    trill from F# lifting G finger

    and, B section
    F# G# A Bb B C C# E combined blues and mixolydian

    reading on line, this air similarly covered in ‘Blues Saxophone’ book by Dennis Taylor on Amazon, say

    Track 7 on the album is ‘Slop Bucket’ which was his first real hit apparently

    Love this Gentleman’s style and fluency

    Nobility ~

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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