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    Keith TaylorKeith Taylor

    Some of you may have never heard of him, and some of you may adore the sound of his playing, just as I do, but, I just learned from a friend that knew him and was inspired to play sax because of Mr. Graves, that Aubra Graves has passed away. This is a truly great loss for those that play sax, because his sound and playing was every bit as good as the greats like Dexter Gordon, Ben Webster, Coleman Hawkins, etc. I’m so bummed now that I didn’t ever drive out to Texas to meet and photograph him a few years back as I had hoped to do. Here’s a link to him playing “It Never Entered My Mind,” which is one of my favorites of his playing on YouTube. Thanks for being such an inspiration Mr. Graves.


    yes, sad news. He truly is and was a great inspiration!


    You have just spoilt my day, what a brilliant player Aubra Graves was, better than a lot of the great players just could listen to the man all day.


    oh man, ya I did discover a couple of his videos on youtube a while back…beautiful sound.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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