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    Hi guys, love this song!
    makes me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

    Says Dr Google,
    The Rolling Stones first recorded the track on 10 May 1965 at Chess Studios in Chicago, Illinois,[8] which included Brian Jones on harmonica. The Stones lip-synched to a dub of this version the first time they debuted the song on the American music variety television programme Shindig![9] The group re-recorded it two days later at RCA Studios in Hollywood, California, with a different beat and the Maestro fuzzbox adding sustain to the sound of the guitar riff.[10][11] Richards envisioned redoing the track later with a horn section playing the riff: “this was just a little sketch, because, to my mind, the fuzz tone was really there to denote what the horns would be doing.”[10] The other Rolling Stones (Jones, Watts, & Wyman), as well as producer and manager Andrew Loog Oldham and sound engineer David Hassinger eventually outvoted Richards and Jagger so the track was selected for release as a single.[11][12] The song’s success boosted sales of the Gibson fuzzbox so that the entire available stock sold out by the end of 1965.[13]

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