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    Scott Kitchen

    I’ve been working on Peter Gunn. I know its in F concert and therefore in G for Tenor but, I’ve played countless bar gigs on Bass and everyone always plays it in E concert. You know, lazy guitar players !! So, is there any sheet music for Peter Gunn in E concert (F# for Tenor) or do I just need to transpose it myself? ( I can’t be the first one to have this problem…)


    if you’re a professional music composer, there is a specific reason for writing music in a specific scale, each scale does set a different mood in listeners minds , artistic setting, etc..

    ex, Schubert – defined these scales as

    F Major – is calm and complaisant
    E Major – is joyous and shouty

    transposing away from the original scale, can ruin some songs, often happens with inexperienced players.

    Scott Kitchen

    Hi JB, while I agree with you regarding the different moods set by the various keys and staying true to the original key a song is written in, if Peter Gunn was called at a jam session or gig, 9 times out of 10 the guitar players will just play it in E concert without a second thought.
    Hence my inquiry about sheet music for the song in E concert…


    Just transpose it.

    I’ve played guitar on off over the years, and the problem with guitar playing, most of the Flat Chord finger positions tie your fingers up in knots, and in some of these fingering positions you can get cramp in the hand, whereas the Sharp Chord finger positions are less stressful on the fingers. As a guitarist you tend to play the 3 main chords in a scale ex in C major, you often just play C, F & G chords (1,4,5) and moving around these chords is very easy and fast compared to moving some of the Flat chords in the Flat major scales.

    As sax players, we have the same problem when moving quickly round tricky keys, where its impossible without using some of the alternative keys. So i wouldn’t generalise that all guitar players are lazy, more like their not very experienced.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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