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    jak Swift

    Well, Mums out of hospital after ten days. She’s still not great, but certainly on the mend.
    THANK YOU… all for your thought and kind wishes.
    Now, what on earth possessed me to buy an alto ??
    I’ve made some dumb choices in my time; but that was by far and away the most idiotic idea. Thankfully I can see the funny side; what choice do I have.
    If you remember a few months back, I mentioned Richard, the brass guy had been given a stunning Conn tenorsax. Its still a month or so until the full overhaul is complete…. BUT ITS MINE !!!!
    I’m going to drop in tomorrow and lay down a deposit. He has given his word, but I’ll feel a lot better when it officially ” has my name on it “.
    No excuses; my intentions were honest, but to play alto to the highest standard is well beyond me.
    All I did was aggravate an old injury, very badly, and was on the verge of quitting. I mentioned, I was only ever going to be an average tenor player; but that’s fine by me. The relief, and the thought that over the next month or two I can rest up my chest is perfect. The prize…. A stunning tenorsax !!
    To play ” Stardust ” again, to get my tenor tone back…..I can’t wait. These things happen, they try us and we move on. With this horn, I’ll be complete once more. Dumb, dumb, DUMB !! But there you go.

    For now, I’m really enjoying playing the resonator. There is a guy on You Tube; his name…” Daddy Stovepipe “. He’s a kind of Aubra Graves of the slide guitar. Carl will probably have come across him. Well ; all things happen for some kind of cosmic reason. The alto pushing me to the edge of quitting; making me realise how much I miss a tenorsax….its a good day !! This is a beautiful Conn. Couple of months rest and I’ll be right back into it. I’ve missed playing ” Us & Them ” badly.
    Bit of useless information. Dick Parry used an Otto Link #8 on the whole ” Dark Side ” album.
    Yup….I’m happy to be just an average player; I’ll let you know when I get it….
    Until then, be safe & happy….

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