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    Here’s my first recorded attempt at a little Pink Floyd

    Played on a YAS-26 with an S80 MP

    Gig in MP3 format



    Another Naked Sax player!

    Well played Jeff! Definite improvement of your sound compared to earlier recordings last year, Your sound definitely sounds a lot stronger than it used to, bits of trailing vibrato in there.

    Just watch some of the low notes – theres a bit of honking which is to do with the way its tongued or not tongued – The best way to describe it is say the word “To” sounding as in saying the word “Tuck” and say the word “Ka” sounding as in saying the word “Cat” – if you sound these two words, one is done using the tip of the tongue and the other is done using the tongue more at the back – both these methods can be used for tonguing a note, but one way exaggerates a honking sound more than the other.

    Keep uploading

    William Cingolani
    William Cingolani

    Ya, I like naked sax. Good one Jeff. I practiced some naked Sax today



    Thanks for the comments guys. I asked my wife how I sounded and she just said “tired”!?!
    It’s very hard for me to judge, as this is a favourite tune of mine.
    I sound nothing like Pink Floyd’s version with the awesome lead vocalist,
    and playing from sheet music all I ever hear are my mistakes.



    Keep uploading, that way we can tell you are improving, personal choice of song is irrelevant and down to the players choice. We’re all here to improve, if i was knocking out perfect petformances, i wouldn’t be on this site.


    Jeff, I’ve been out of the loop for a while so not sure if I’ve missed any of your uploads or not.
    One comment is perhaps more of a personal taste for me but when performing without any backing music I get distracted when the timing gets lost or goes all over the map.
    Some notes that are intended to be held for a duration, or a specific pause for a rest count are often not done precisely, etc. if you get my meaning.
    For me it would be a preferred upload to at least have a metronome faintly in the background so that you are performing to a good precise rhythm. When the notes being played are correct, in tune, and played to the intended duration and dynamics, then the song comes alive, the listener gets drawn into the groove.

    Last comment- The wavering of the pitch as some of the notes trail off to be ended has a pretty fast frequency, so I’m inclined to think it isn’t an attempt at vibrato but a breath support deficiency. Vibrato is a very intentional lower lip/jaw press-release pressure against the reed, and it would be very hard to quiver one’s jaw or lip that fast, unless of course you were very cold and shivering or very nervous…

    Your playing is overall clean and in tune. Perhaps just a bit more “assertive” volume and body(from the diaphragm) to fill out the notes, but as James said “keep unploading”!



    Hi Kevin. That’s just the kind of valuable feedback I’m looking for when I post my attempts on this site. A sense of good timing is very important and it’s a necessary skill that Sxpoet has recently emphasized too. When I record I become very nervous for some reason and that’s what causes the tremor in my tone, especially when playing softly. I must record more often to get used to it, as worrying about the recording distracts me from the music. Cheers



    Just in case you are scratching your head and wondering which song of Pink Floyd this is, check out the original version.

    The tune I tried to play begins at 1:08



    That’s a great track to play along to in terms of timing, you can keep in time with the chord changes, or keep in time with the bass. Easy for improvising along to the chords in terms of root notes,thirds & fifths etc.

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