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  • Got the open tunings mate, thankyou. Your moral support has been great….thanks man !!
    Take it easy…..

  • Cheers Carl, hit the nail on the head mate. I can’t believe I nearly left a big sax shape hole in my life. I’m kitted out with a new box of java 3, and this Runyon. Its not a Quantum, think its a smoothbore ?? Regardless, this is set up that stays.
    I’m not going to witter on about all the stress I’ve been under; life’s pretty easy. Take it…[Read more]

  • Guys, thankyou !! Really it means a lot. I’m in no mood for TV, music…..Nada !!
    I’m going to have an early night, and hit the long road back starting tomorrow.
    If there is any justice in an uncaring world; within a few months, I should be well on the mend.
    Take anything I have, but don’t take my playing from me. We all see people who have…[Read more]

  • Sxpoet, hi man. Firstly , excuse me….AAAGGHH !!
    At the time of writing earlier, I was done.
    I have a mental block. Yesterday seemed fine; today…this is the thing.
    I’m picking up the horn, and tensing up. Shoulders and chest. I’ve damaged a chest muscle very badly.
    Its exactly that….a mental block !!
    I’ve known it to happen years back to a…[Read more]

  • Morning folks. There is no easy way of saying this.
    So; I’m hanging up my horns.
    This chest pull is so painful, I really have no choice. I’m not going to ramble on, other than to say, I’ve had thirty some good years. I’ve met some great people, recorded, played festivals and more.
    Switching to alto was my last chance of making things work. It…[Read more]

  • Nope, I’m done for the day !!
    Chicken soup, lasagne, and a good movie. I bought myself a resonator guitar. When you can’t do any more, or as you said mate, things are not going well, its a nice distraction. Always been a sucker for slide guitar. Open tunings…..good fun.
    I don’t know if Johnny does an embouchure ” lesson “. I steer clear of…[Read more]

  • Carl, sorry mate. I seemed a little short there.
    Firstly, I’m glad you are getting into the mpc; its my pleasure. I’ve been putting in a real long day.
    March 1st……
    I’ve been waiting for my alto chops to click into place; it had to be today !! ( start of a new month ). Well; it looks like I’m 90% there, and man is that a relief !!!
    This chest…[Read more]

  • Hi Carl, I’m doing fine mate. Getting my head around this alto is a longterm thing. As I said , I’ve got a pulled chest muscle, so its all about those long tones from the diaphragm. Glad your back into it mate. Have a funky day !!

  • Hi Carl. Not to worry man, we all get these days.
    May I suggest the most important discipline.
    Long tones, pushing from the diaphragm and blowing through the horn.
    I’ve made the switch to alto, and am having to contend with a longterm muscle pull in the chest.
    Right now, the daily disciplines are exactly that.
    I really can’t stress enough,…[Read more]

  • jak Swift replied to the topic Some news. in the forum General Questions 4 years, 4 months ago

    Once again, many thanks guys. Daily hospital visits, Mums going to be just fine.
    The Runyon is…ERM….LOUD !!!!
    Right now, I’m enjoying this ” old school ” tone I’m getting from the Brillhart. Still having issues at the top end, but I’ll just relax into that over the next few weeks. This alto business is a challenge for sure. One I’m…[Read more]

  • jak Swift replied to the topic Some news. in the forum General Questions 4 years, 4 months ago

    Thanks Johnny, that means a lot man.
    So sorry about your own bad news. Life really can throw some curveballs….
    I sincerely hope for both of us , things will work out hopefully for the best.
    Again, thankyou man. Have a safe & happy weekend.
    Your friend…..jak

  • Hi folks. Mum has just been taken into hospital.
    Doctors say she should be in for about a week.
    Any Prayers, keep her in your thoughts, that would be real nice. Thankyou.
    The Runyon came. Its going to take a back seat, but first impressions; its great !!
    I’ll keep you all posted.
    Have a safe & happy week.
    Best…… Jak

  • Well….stick with it Sxpoet. There is really no reason for you to change now; your whole tonal concept will just get better and better. Soon you will be playing like Edgar !!
    I never get tired of that track. The guys intonation, matching the guitar is just great.
    The Runyon may be here as early as tomorrow, I’ll let you know. Thanks for the clip…[Read more]

  • OH YEAH !!! Thanks man, it really is some playing huh !!

  • Bit of a SoundCloud issue. The only track I could access was ” swing low “. Your sounding great man !!
    Nice tone, good intonation ; nice one !!
    Some people really don’t like metal mpcs. To me it really makes no difference. I always use a mpc patch anyhow……

  • I’ll jump over to members downloads, give your tone a listen…..

  • Hmmm !! Hi Sxpoet. First thought; I agree, far too scientific for my liking. It sounds like a really old concept. Old Conn’s for example came with a Conn mpc. Probably just a ploy to get you buying the mpc made by the horn maker. That’s my thinking.
    I’m really glad you are happy with your Guardala man. Is it an original or a laser cut ? Not…[Read more]

  • I’ve been checking out some Vito’s on e bay. They range from real cheap, to super expensive.
    Le blanc worked with Vito to produce a ” system rationale “…. If your interested in the concept its all there on the web; I couldn’t begin to explain and only have a rough idea as to the workings. I do know a couple of guys that play ” SR ” and really…[Read more]

  • And the Runyon is in the post….YEAH !!
    The Hodges embouchure is a longterm idea; much like trying to get a Getz tone on tenorsax. Some days, like today, I just want to play at full throttle.
    Its going well…..

  • Your more than welcome Sxpoet. Sorry I deleted the discussion by accident. After I sussed out somebody was trying to hack me, I’ve been ultra careful. All mails, drafts, spam, going back months has been binned. I’ll be about later if you wanted to chat.

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