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Saxophone Music and Backing Track

Watch the video to hear Johnny’s instrumental sax version:

runaway-120Runaway Saxophone Music

Huge hit from Del Shannon in 1961. One of the all-time favorites from the early rock and roll era. Remember that unique sounding organ solo? It was played by Max Crook, from Ann Arbor MI, USA. He co-wrote Runaway with Del Shannon.

Not a hugely recognizable household name but he was the featured soloist on Runaway, which he co-wrote and on which he played his own keyboard invention which he originally labeled the Musitron.

This was a keyboard hooked up to a sound module or synthesizer. The first of it’s kind (remember, were talking 1960-61). What Max played on the Runaway session is known as one of rock and roll’s most epic and recognizable keyboard solos.

This download version also includes the notation for the organ solo of which you get to play along with.

Song Key

The Runaway saxophone music offered for download here is in the key of Bb minor concert. It changes to Bb major in the chorus so watch out for those key changes!

That means the tenor music chart is in the key of C and the alto saxophone chart is in G.

This Runaway Saxophone Music Download Includes

  • same tracks as in the music video above (without sax)
  • high quality MP3 audio file (192 kbps)
  • choice of Bb or Eb music sheets or both
  • charts print out as full size music sheets

Download The Runaway Saxophone Music and Backing Track

To download the Runaway saxophone music and mp3 backing track click the button below. After payment you will receive an email with your special download link and other information regarding your purchase.

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thanks, now download the song and have fun!
rock on,
Johnny Ferreira

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