Saxophone Music Transcription Service

After many requests I have decided to offer a saxophone music transcription service here at

You can request any song you want to play on your saxophone and we will transcribe the melody for your preferred saxophone; Bb, Eb or both.

Here’s How It Works

Provide us with either an mp3 of the song version you want, or a link to the song ((for example a Youtube video link) and we’ll start working on your music chart.

How Much Will It Cost You?

The pricing will be somewhere between $35 – $60 per song, depending on the song length and complexity as this will determine the amount of time required.


    • Make your request first on the above form.
    • Do not click the order button below until we have gotten back to you with your price.
    • You will return here later and click the order button after you receive a response about pricing.

    Do not click the Order Now button below until after you receive your price confirmation which will be assessed after your request.