King Curtis

Saxophone Songs

Complete with Bb and Eb Saxophone Sheet Music with matching Play-along Backing Tracks

This is a categorized collection of my growing list of saxophone songs. All downloads include the saxophone sheet music for both Bb and Eb saxes with the matching play-along audio backing track. There are five categories below and they are as follows:

  • Saxophone Instrumentals
  • Saxophone Rock Songs
  • Saxophone Love Songs
  • Easy Saxophone Songs
  • Saxophone Christmas Music

*Please note – there are a lot of videos on this page so please give it a few extra seconds to load!


Technically any song that’s played entirely on a sax instead of someone singing it can be called a saxophone instrumental. The collection below is a list of original saxophone instrumentals that were actually written for the sax, not for a singer.

They were also first heard played on sax. Most are all well-know tunes that even made it to the Billboard hit charts of their day. So check em out and I hope you find one of your favorite saxophone instruments here!

Take Five

Rare jazz hit that enjoyed mainstream radio play in 1966. More info

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Soulful instrumental by keyboardist Joe Zawinal with the Cannonball Adderley Quintet. More info

Pink Panther

Henry Mancini composed this for the 1963 movie The Pink Panther. More info

Pick up the Pieces

Average White Band’s big hit from 1974. More info

Mister Magic

Original saxophone instrumental from Grover Washington Jr in 1975. More info

Soul Serenade

Soul Serenade is a King Curtis original and instrumental hit from 1964. More info

Yakety Sax

One of the most famous sax instrumentals of all time! More info

Harlem Nocturne

A beautiful haunting and romantic melody that fits the sax perfectly. More info

Soul Twist

Soul Twist was a saxophone instrument tune released by King Curtis in 1962. More info

Wild Weekend

Saxophone instrumental that became a national radio hit in the early 60’s. More info

Hot Rod Special

This melodic sax instrumental jumps with a big swingin’ rock & roll beat! More info

Honky Tonk

Tons of classic blues/rock licks to learn,  More info


This is one every sax player should be able to play! More info

Night Train

Classic sax instrumental, more info


From the early rock and roll era up to the 80’s. Some are classic rock songs with saxophone solos and others are rock favorites done as saxophone instruments.

So go ahead and download the music and backing tracks because whether you’re playing them on alto, tenor, or any other sax, you get both Bb and Eb sheet music with every song.

Born To Run

Springsteen ’75 classic. The Clarence Clemons saxophone solo is also included. More info


Foreigner from 1981. The secret sauce was added by Motown saxophonist Jr Walker. More info

Rock and Roll

One of Zeppelin’s biggest hits from their 4th album released in 1971. More info

House of the Rising Sun

An old American folksong that was recorded and made famous by The Animals in 1964. More info

I Feel Fine

By John Lennon, 1964. A great pop melody with a driving rockin’ guitar riff. More info

The Wanderer

1961 hit complete with one of the most recognizable saxophone solos in rock and roll. More info


Huge hit from Del Shannon in 1961. More info

Peter Gunn

This is rock & roll sax, dirty with a growl. More info

Walk Don’t Run

Released by The Ventures in 1960 and reached #2 on the billboard top 100. More info

Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill was the biggest hit from Fats Domino, 2nd only to Elvis in 50’s hits. More info


One of Little Richards best hits from the 50’s. More info

Money (That’s What I Want)

Inspired by the Beatles cover of the early Motown hit. More info


This collection below is a list of saxophone love songs. Why is the saxophone the most expressive and sexiest instrument? Especially for beuatiful love songs like this. Well, it’s probably because the sound of the saxophone is the instrument that is the closest sounding to the human voice…just a thought!

So go ahead and download the music and backing tracks because regardless of which type of sax you’re playing them on, you can download both the Eb and Bb sheet music.

Just The Way You Are

One of Billy Joel’s best from the 70’s. More info


Inspired by Roy Orbison’s version with KD Lang. More info

Unchained Melody

Righteous Brothers soul. More info

And I Love Her

Beautiful song from a very young Paul McCartney. More info

Last Date

Written and recorded by pianist Floyd Cramer in 1960. More info

Your Song

Released by Elton John in 1970. Is #137 on Billboard’s all-time greatest hits. More info

Killing Me Softly

A cross-over hit because it fits several genres of music; pop, soul, blues, slow R&B. More info

My Girl

By Smokey Robinson and recorded by The Temptations in 1964. More info

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You

Inspired by Elvis. More info


This collection below is a list of easy saxophone songs. They are meant for anyone who is relatively new at playing with a basic beginner’s reading level.

As with all the saxophone song titles above, all selections here include the Bb and Eb saxophone sheet music and backing tracks.


An old English folk song that dates way back to the late 1500’s. More info

Amazing Grace

One of the most recognizable melodies in the English-speaking world. More info

Over The Rainbow

From The Wizard of Oz sung by Judy Garland. More info

Surfer Girl

Beach Boys classic. More info

Moon River

Henry Mancini classic ballad. More info

Sound of Silence

One of the best from Paul Simon. More info

Pretty Woman

Early rock and roll from Roy Orbison. More info

Bill Bailey/When the Saints

Bill Bailey and When the Saints medley. More info


The biggest from Paul McCartney. More info


A big one from Paul McCartney. More info

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You

Inspired by Elvis. More info

Saxophone Songs that come with the regular sheet music PLUS an EASIER version

The list of easy saxophone songs below come with the regular sheet music which is as played in the video, plus an easier-to-play version which is more basic and easier to read. The idea here is that you can start learning the song with the easy version and slowly progress to the regular version. This will help you to become a better reader, and ultimately a better player!

And I Love Her

Early Paul McCartney classic. More info


Inspired by Roy Orbison and KD Lang. More info

Unchained Melody

Righteous Brother’s soul from 1965. More info

Just The Way You Are

*Please note – this easier-to-play version is more challenging than the other easy versions! More info

Your Song

Beautiful Elton John ballad. More info

Born To Run

Springsteen’s classic. Includes the Clarence Clemens sax solo note-for-note. More info

Dock Of The Bay

Soul from an original soul man! More info


John Lennon from 1971. More info

Fly Me To The Moon

Inspired by Frank’s version…naturally. More info

Hello Dolly

Inspired by Louis Armstrong. More info

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Inspired by the Marvin Gaye version. More info

Stand By Me

Ben E. King soul hit from 1961. More info

Use Me

Easier version included. More info


Motown Saxman Jr Walker. More info

Saxophone Christmas Music with regular sheet music PLUS an easier version

The list of easy Christmas saxophone songs below also come with the regular sheet music which is as played in the video, plus an easier-to-play version.

Auld Lang Syne (easy)

For new Year’s Eve! More info

Blue Christmas (easy)

Inspired by Elvis. More info

Felix Navidad (easy)

From Jose Feliciano in 1970. More info

Have Yourself as Merry Little Christmas

*Easy version included

One of the most performed holiday songs. More info

Little Drummer Boy (easy)

Another holiday fave. More info

I’ll Be Home For Christmas (easy)

An old classic done with a blues shuffle. More info

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree (easy)

Very easy to play, except the Boots Randolph solo. More info

Silent Night (easy)

Another holiday classic. More info

Silver Bells (easy)

Introduced by Bing Crosby in 1950. More info

White Christmas (easy)

Biggest seller of all time. More info

Sleigh Ride

Classic holiday favorite. More info

The Christmas Song

(Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)

There’s none more popular than this one. More info

Let It Snow

A swingin’ classic. More info

Winter Wonderland

A holiday favorite that swings.. More info

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

A pop rock classic from 1963. More info

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Inspired by Bruce Springsteen. More info

Jingle Bells

Old classic with a southern groove. More info

Jingle Bell Rock

A rockin’ and swingin’ favorite. More info

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Easy version included. More info

O Holy Night

Beautiful music . More info

All I Want For Christmas Is You

A modern classic. More info

Merry Christmas Baby