Testimonials From Registered Members of HowToPlaySaxophone.org

“… Rockin’ sax at it’s best”
 – Parko Parkinson, QBN FM Australia

“… Few do it with verve and passion like Johnny! He’s definitely one of the best on today’s scene.”
– Vasja Ivanovski, Skopje, Macedonia Radio 2 94.1 FM “MOJO BLUES”

Ary-testimonial-80– Ary Neiva, British Columbia, Canada

“… Love your backing tracks, your patience, desire and willingness to help with all my questions.

Your instructions are very important for all us beginning and intermediate saxophone players. You are a great guy, a great saxophonist and a great teacher, for sure!

Luis-testimonial– Louis Rivera, Florida

“… Hey Johnny, I had forgotten most of my music theory. However, after viewing your YouTube videos I became follower. I really love the way you made that horn scream and yell. The lessons are priceless, and my music theory started to come back and listening and watching the lessons.

But the best part of it all, is the community of sax players helping each other along with you overseeing and advising each and every one of us tips for improvement.

Thank You Johnny

marco-testimonial – Mark Justiniano, Los Angeles USA

“… dear master black belt sax player Johnny.

Your website has been an inspiration for all of us who have been wanting to improve our sax playing.

Your music and back tracks have made playing much more enjoyable and challenging. Thank you for helping all of us who love the art of saxophone playing.

jake-sitterly-testimonial– Jake Sitterly, New York

“… Howtoplaysaxophone.org has drastically helped improve my tone! The honest and constructive feedback has helped me go from a brand new sax player to playing with a band in less than 2 years!

Johnny is a true professional and has a wealth of information available which can get you to where you want to be playing the saxophone!

Tim-testimonial– Tim Tuthill, Arizona

“… Johnny, you have helped me so much with my playing. Your sheet music and backing tracks to work with. Your lessons have helped me also.

I think your 30 Minute Daily Practice Routine is one of the best I have seen since I have been playing. It covers all the basics. Anyone can get help from it. All the best, Tim.

Michaels-testimonialMichaels-testimonial-ful– Michael Bishop, Arkansas

“… Johnny’s lessons took me from being a complete beginner and made me into a Saxophone player…and I never thought I would be able to say that!

Whether it’s beginner’s lessons, Improvisation with blues & rock, professionally-recorded Sax tracks or playing into the Altissimo range, howtoplaysaxophone.org is simply the place to be!”

Kevin-testimonial– Kevin Sinclair
Age 56
learning sax now for 2 years, 9 months

“… Johnny’s Website has been a great experience for me as a new saxophone player.  Being able to utilize the resources the site has to offer- lessons, backing tracks, the Forum, and Blog have been a valuable influence to my learning this instrument.

It’s more than a website, it is a place to go from the convenience of your internet access to share your experience of learning, get great colleague feedback, professional instructor advice and feel part of a group with similar interests.

Williams-testimonial– William Cingolani, Florida

“… this is the best site for learning the saxophone that I have found. Here I get backing tracks not twinkling piano tracks but real background bands.

Johnny demonstrates by playing lead sax. And he explains the basics and more advanced saxophone techniques.

Howtoplaysaxophone.org is an excellent teaching / learning tool. I recommend it to music teachers as well as to music students.

Dazza_testimonial – Dazza, Australia

“… I am 46 and have made two previous attempts in my life to learn to play the sax and when I discovered Johnny’s site a year ago everything changed. Yes, playing the sax is difficult and sometimes lonely which is why many, like me, give up… but not this time!

Using the methods and techniques that Johnny outlines in his courses has made concepts more clear to me and great fun to learn. I see myself progressing every day and with Johnny’s personal feedback and the great inspiration other members provide, I am well on the way to mastering this magnificent piece of machinery, the Saxophone!

Dirk-testimonial– Dirk McCall, Alabama

“… the best thing about Johnny Ferreira’s sax instruction is that he captures the gritty side of the musical sidewalk… the technique, the tunes to listen to and the simplification of the process that enables a new player to feel empowered.”

Paddy-testimonial2– Paddy, Yorkshire England

“… now 57 been learning two years and six months
Johnny site comes at you you from from a different angle
than other saxophone sites and there are some good ones!

But i have to say this is the best. Johnny,s passion for playing and teaching
is second to none.Your saxophone deserves this site !!!!

vinny-testimonial– Vincent Gaglio, Monroe North carolina

“… I am 52 years of age picking up the alto later in life with no musical background at all. The name of this site is perfect. From beginner to beyond is what I call it.

There is no magical formula to howtoplaysaxophone.org except for “PRACTICE”. He makes practice fun and Johnny has so much passion to see people succeed.”


mark-payne– Mark Payne, Salem N. Carolina

“… Howtoplaysaxophone.org is a treasure chest of gold for the saxophone player.

My favorite resource and highest personal accolades go out for the high quality sheet music transcriptions with music tracks, historic information and Youtube references. The growing song transcription data base is an excellent source for popular music you won’t find anywhere else in this form.

Thanks Johnny for for taking the time to make sheet music available for the music I’ve heard on the radio and played in my head for years!
Warm Regards,

“… I found you looking for a new King Curtis album. Luckily, your sound, although a first cousin to the ‘King’ is distinctive and hits me as companion to his sound. I am doubly blessed….very cool. Thanks! “
– John McEvoy