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Complete Beginner’s Level Info Page

Part One – The Most Important Basics

  • How to Assemble and Safely Handle your Saxophone
  • Putting Together the Reed, Mouthpiece, and Ligature
  • Forming the Proper Embouchure
  • Your First Sounds and Proper Breathing
  • Proper Tonguing

Part Two – Fingering

  • The  C Major Scale
  • C Major Scale Exercises for Building Technique
  • The D Major Scale

These 8 saxophone lessons are taken directly from my course “How To Play The Saxophone – A Complete Beginner’s Guide”

As described here  ——>>>

I Know Your Frustration and Have Felt Your Pain!

It’s from my own past frustrations and the many suggestions and requests I get from my students and membership that helped me to plan this book. They Said…Give me:

“… step-by-step instruction.”

“… close-ups of all the fingering positions.”

“… close-ups and clear explanations of mouth and tongue positions.”

“… daily exercises to develop a good tone & technique.”

“… easy songs to learn with play-along backing tracks to make it more fun.”

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