Guardala Metal Mouthpieces

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Guardala Metal Mouthpieces

These are Dave Guardala’s metal mouthpiece models. They are the ones that put his name on the map for being among one of the best and most popular saxophone mouthpiece makers of the time, which was during the 1980’s.

In particular it was his Michael Brecker model. Obviously because this highly regarded jazz saxophonist was one of the most popular players of the time and Guardala was working closely with him to make a perfect mouthpiece for him.

Today, Dave Guardala is not in the business of making mouthpieces any more. The person who took over his designs and added more of his own is German mouthpiece expert Nadir Ibrahimoglu. Nadir has not only kept the Guardala original models growing stronger but has added his own models as well. Check some of them out here.

Guardala FiberCarbon Mouthpieces



Using the material¬† fiber carbon to make saxophone mouthpieces is a relatively new concept but the material has been around for a very long time. It’s a real success as a material for mouthpiueces because of it’s strength and extremely light weight.

Not all Guardala models are represented in the fiber carbon collection, just a few at this time. Check them out here.