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... when I discovered Johnny’s site a year ago everything changed.


...the lessons are priceless!

Louis Rivera

... best thing about Johnny's sax instruction is that he captures the gritty side of the musical sidewalk.

Dirk McCall

... your website has been an inspiration for all of us.

Mark Justiniano

... Howtoplaysaxophone.org has drastically helped improve my tone!

Jake Sitterly

… Johnny’s lessons took me from being a complete beginner and made me into a Saxophone player.

Michael Bishop

… this is the best site for learning the saxophone that I have found.

William Cingolani

... Johnny has so much passion to see people succeed.

Vincent Gaglio

… Johnny’s Website has been a great experience for me as a new saxophone player.

Kevin Sinclair

... Howtoplaysaxophone.org is a treasure chest of gold for the saxophone player.

Mark Payne

... Johnny's passion for playing and teaching is 2nd to none.


... Johnny's eBooks are an excellent source of knowledge, I have learned a lot.

Ary Neiva

I'm well on the way to mastering this magnificent piece of machinery, the Saxophone!


My highest accolades go out for the quality sheet music transcriptions with backing tracks.

Mark PayneNorth Carolina

Johnny, you've helped me so much with my playing. Your 30 min Practice Routine is the best I've seen.

Tim TuthillArizona

The lessons are priceless, and my music theory started to come back.

Louis RiveraFlorida

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Access 14 Free Saxophone Lessons For Beginners

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  • Lessons for complete beginners to more advanced players
  • Improve your tone and technique
  • Learn to improvise over some cool swingin’ blues

Become a registered member of HowToPlaySaxophone.org by hitting the orange button below… it’s free and once registered you can access all the lessons shown below. You can also download the sheet music and play-a-long backing track for the rockin’ sax classic “Tequila” from the Saxophone Music section.

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Start Here – Free Saxophone Lessons for Beginners

After you’re registered, click the green “Start Here” box to the right which takes you to the saxophone lessons for beginners area. This section consists of four video lessons. Taking you from the very basics of putting your saxophone together, putting on the reed, forming your embouchure, and finally proper breathing to get your first sounds.

  • How to Handle Your Saxophone and Put it Together
  • How to Put on the Reed
  • Proper Embouchure
  • How to Breathe
  • Getting Sounds

Start Here

Saxophone Fingering Lessons

The saxophone fingering system…one of the easiest to learn!

The “Saxophone Fingering Lessons” section consists of three separate videos. Luckily, the saxophone fingering system is quite easy to learn. You’ll learn the basic fingering positions quickly and be playing scales before you know it. In this series of video lessons:

  • Introduction to the main keys of the sax
  • Finger Positions for the C Major Scale
  • Simple, Fun Exercises Using the C Scale
  • Learning the D Major Scale


Saxophone Tone Development

After learning most of the notes you’ll be ready to concentrate on your Tone.

Turn a raw saxophone tone into a well developed sound you can call your own. This will remain the most important aspect of your playing. No short cuts here so learning these basic lessons is essential. Your equipment will play a role but the biggest advantage you can give yourself is to master these basic tone development lessons.

  • A Simple Exercise That Finds Your “Sweet Spot” For Producing Your Tone
  • Simple One Note Exercises With Great Benefits For Tone
  • Exercise For Tone, Control, and Intonation

Tone Development

Saxophone Technique

You’ll then move on to Develop Some Saxophone Technique:

  • Learn How and Why Working With a Metronome is a Must
  • How Your Tongue Can Kill Your Technique

There are more than enough lessons here to get you to the “next level” of playing over the next few months if you work at it regularly and diligently.

Now dig in and good luck!


Blues Saxophone Improvisation

The Blues Saxophone Improvisation section is not for the total beginner. But…if you’re an advanced beginner and above, then you should learn how to improvise over some blues music. This section of lessons will have you improvising first using only 3 notes. Then moving up to 4 then 5. This is the Pentatonic Scale and it’s the best way to wail over blues and rock ‘n roll!

  • Introduction to the Pentatonic Major Scale
  • Start improvising with a C Blues tune
  • More Pentatonic Scales and Several Example Lessons

Jam along to a play-along backing track of a live professional band recorded live in the studio!


Premium Lessons & Courses You Can Buy

Saxophone Altissimo Course

altissimo-200$79 non-members
$67 members

Major Scale Improvisation Course

Learn how to improvise using simple concepts built around the 7 notes of the major scale.
Price: $47

Saxophone Music Sheets and Play-along Backing Tracks

Download Bb and Eb saxophone music sheets and backing tracks. A must for learning and practicing new songs. Improve your musicianship…More fun than a metronome! Check out this growing list of blues, rock and pop songs for saxophone.

Complete Saxophone Fingering System Video Lessons

Close-up demonstrations in 3 videos.
Price: $7.00


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