... when I discovered Johnny’s site a year ago everything changed.


...the lessons are priceless!

Louis Rivera

... best thing about Johnny's sax instruction is that he captures the gritty side of the musical sidewalk.

Dirk McCall

... your website has been an inspiration for all of us.

Mark Justiniano

... Howtoplaysaxophone.org has drastically helped improve my tone!

Jake Sitterly

… Johnny’s lessons took me from being a complete beginner and made me into a Saxophone player.

Michael Bishop

… this is the best site for learning the saxophone that I have found.

William Cingolani

... Johnny has so much passion to see people succeed.

Vincent Gaglio

… Johnny’s Website has been a great experience for me as a new saxophone player.

Kevin Sinclair

... Howtoplaysaxophone.org is a treasure chest of gold for the saxophone player.

Mark Payne

... Johnny's passion for playing and teaching is 2nd to none.


... Johnny's eBooks are an excellent source of knowledge, I have learned a lot.

Ary Neiva

“… I’m well on the way to mastering this magnificent piece of machinery, the Saxophone!”
Dazza_testimonial– Dazza (Australia)

“… My highest accolades go out for the quality sheet music transcriptions with backing tracks.”
mark-payne– Mark Payne (N. Carolina)

“… Johnny, you’ve helped me so much with my playing.” Your 30 min Practice Routine is one of the best I’ve seen.

– Tim Tuthill (Arizona)

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Over 20 video saxophone lessons focusing on the beginner. These lessons cover the most important material every beginner must learn to be successful.


Saxophone Music

You’ll find a growing list of songs that are perfect for the saxophone. Each comes with Bb and Eb sheet music and play-along backing tracks to make learning way more fun.

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Premium lessons, courses and downloadable eBooks. From learning to play, to improvising solos over blues, rock and pop music, and more.

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Who Are You?

  • You’ve always wanted to learn how to play the saxophone and now you’re finally going to do it!
  • You played it many years ago but now you want to pick it up again and play it even better
  • You’re in school and want to excel in your saxophone sound and playing
  • You’ve already got a pretty good handle on it but you want to take your playing to the next level by improving your tone, extend your range, repertoire and maybe even learn how to improvise

I think I know you… Welcome!

Who Am I?


Johnny Ferreira, the creator of this site and author of the lessons and courses available here. I’ve been a professional musician for almost 30 years, performing, composing, recording and touring.

I started this site in 2011 to share with saxophone fans interested in learning and improving on this beautiful and wonderful instrument.

The saxophone has been a constant companion, way of life and inspiration. It has taken me to many countries around the world and allowed me to meet and play with many other inspired musicians.

Quality Saxophone Lessons, Useful
Tips and Valuable Information

Is Learning How to Play  the Saxophone Easy?

Well, the truth is that the saxophone’s basic fingering system can be very easy to learn, in fact, most people can
learn it in just a few days. But producing a full, beautiful sound will require much more time and effort, regardless
of the luring and misleading advertisements and short-cut courses try to sell you. It’s not an overnight process but
learning how to play the saxophone can be a very gratifying, interesting and fun journey.

There aren’t any “magical secrets” that will have you playing like a pro within a few short months no matter
how hard you try. Sorry but that’s the truth. Another truth is that by following good and solid advice, and then
spending a good amount of time putting that information into practice is what will get you the fastest results possible.

To get that desirable tone everybody wants you must have:

  • proper air support
  • a well formed embouchure
  • the right mouthpiece
  • the right reeds
  • the right ligature

The Good News Is…

You can access lessons here on all of these important topics plus many more.

You can start your journey to learning how to play saxophone or improve on your playing here today with over 20 free video saxophone lessons. To take advantage of these important lessons you need to be a registered member of HowToPlaySaxophone.org

Sign up below and then access the lessons, participate in the forum with other saxophone students from all over the world, get occasional updates and announcements  regarding lessons and other things of interest that are happening here.

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Tone Development

It’s all about your embouchure and proper air support. These are the rules.


Fingering exercises to develop fluidity, dexterity, speed and confidence.


Learn how to solo over blues and rock with simple 5 note scales.

Registered Members Get Access to:

  • over 20 important and valuable saxophone lessons
  • 2 saxophone songs including sheet music and play-along backing tracks

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