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Below Are The Lessons and Courses From The Sax Academy

You can purchase them individually of course but for now you can have them all for the one low price of The Sax Academy Membership!

What Is The Sax Academy?

It’s a membership platform containing my most important saxophone lessons and courses. The order is laid out in a way that will take even the complete beginner to developing a unique sound to playing confidently to improvisational skills.

Once you are registered you’ll have lifetime access with no further costs. These studies will continue to improve your playing skills for not only months but for years to come. So check out the courses below then check out The Sax Academy and get access to everything!

How To Play The Saxophone – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Comprehensive course with a step-by-step approach. Whether you are a complete beginner or relatively new to playing the saxophone…more info

  • recommended for anyone wanting to learn any type of saxophone
  • from your first tones to developing your own unique sound
  • must-do scales and exercises
  • easily learn how to read music notation as you go
  • all fingering charts and video lessons with close-ups
  • recommended mouthpiece and reeds
  • embouchure development
  • proper breathing technique and much more
$97 Get It

Saxophone Daily Practice Routine For Beginners & Intermediates

How Long Should You Practise?

30-60 minutes a day of proper and focused practicing is better than several hours of aimless, unfocused practicing. We need to focus, think, and listen…more info

“… I’ve been using your practice routine for about three weeks now. Today, completely out of the blue, my instructor says, “Geof, your tone has gotten so much better the past few weeks…what are you doing?” True story!
Thanks for your help!”
Sincerely, Geof Schwer, Waco, Texas

$27 Get It

The Saxophone Altissimo Course

Learning the altissimo fingering positions is only a small part of the way to master this range.

What many don’t realize is that if you learn the important techniques required to hit those high notes it will also unleash your own unique saxophone sound.

So don’t waste your time searching for altissimo fingering positions, learn these proper techniques and amaze yourself and others! more info

$97 Get It

How To Play Killer Blues And Rockin’ Sax Solos With 7 Notes Or Less

Easy Blues and Rock Improvisation

Learn how to improvise using the most important scales for rock and blues improvisation.

Includes exercises to play along to custom full band play-along backing tracks…more info

$97 Get It

Major Scale Improvisation Course

Improvisation techniques built entirely on simple but important concepts of the 7 notes of the major scale.

The Saxophone Major Scale Improvisation Course includes 8 lesson videos over two parts.

We will be working with the Jr Walker song “What Does It Take”

$97 Get It

Join The Sax Academy and Get It All For just $97!

The Sax Academy is your all-in-one membership with access to all the above lessons and courses for one low price!

Join my Sax Academy and access all lessons and courses on this page (except The Major Scale Improvisation Course) for one time price of $97. You will have access to the Academy for life.

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... when I discovered Johnny’s site a year ago everything changed.


...the lessons are priceless!

Louis Rivera

... best thing about Johnny's sax instruction is that he captures the gritty side of the musical sidewalk.

Dirk McCall

... your website has been an inspiration for all of us.

Mark Justiniano

... has drastically helped improve my tone!

Jake Sitterly

… Johnny’s lessons took me from being a complete beginner and made me into a Saxophone player.

Michael Bishop

… this is the best site for learning the saxophone that I have found.

William Cingolani

... Johnny has so much passion to see people succeed.

Vincent Gaglio

… Johnny’s Website has been a great experience for me as a new saxophone player.

Kevin Sinclair

... is a treasure chest of gold for the saxophone player.

Mark Payne

... Johnny's passion for playing and teaching is 2nd to none.


... Johnny's eBooks are an excellent source of knowledge, I have learned a lot.

Ary Neiva