“Hawaii Five-O” Saxophone Music and Backing Track

Watch the video to hear Johnny’s instrumental sax version:

hawaii-five-o-saxophone-musicHawaii Five-O Saxophone Music

Recorded by the instrumental rock and roll band The Ventures in 1969. The tune was augmented with an orchestra for the TV hit series Hawaii Five-O.

In the original version, the main melody was shared by the electric guitar and the trumpets. In this Hawaii Five-O saxophone music version the main melody is written out for the saxophone. This is in the same key as the original version by the Ventures which is C minor. This puts the tenor in D minor and the alto in A minor.

The tune changes key 3 times. Modulating up a semi-tone each time the main melody takes place. This makes for an exiting buildup to the end.

Hawaii Five-O Saxophone Music Download Includes

  • same tracks as in the music video above (without sax)
  • high quality MP3 audio file (192 kbps)
  • download the Bb or Eb music sheets or both
  • charts print out as full size music sheets

Song Key

This is in the same key as the original theme recording which is C minor concert. This means D minor for the Bb sax and A minor for the Eb sax chart. Also, the arrangement modulates twice going up a semi-tone each time.

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