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How To Play The Saxophone – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

  • recommended for anyone wanting to learn any type of saxophone
  • from your first tones to developing your own unique sound
  • must-do scales and exercises
  • easily learn how to read music notation as you go
  • all fingering charts and video lessons with close-ups
  • recommended mouthpiece and reeds
  • embouchure development
  • proper breathing technique and much more

How To Play The Saxophone – A Complete beginner’s Guide

A comprehensive saxophone course with a step-by-step approach. This is designed to teach anyone how to play this beautiful instrument. Whether you are a complete beginner or relatively new to playing the saxophone.

This eBook is downloaded as a PDF file which you can work from your computer. You can also print it out onto paper. There are links in each lesson that take you to online video lessons for live examples and further instruction.

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... this ebook is helping me out in a HUGE way. Thanks!


.. went from getting the sax out of the case to learning the fingering system and first scale in 2 days.


...exactly what I was looking for!

Alex Ellis

... Great videos. Step by step is so true.


...The lessons are from simple to complex, but with a flair for simplicity. Well done Sir.


...This guide gave me what I was missing.


The Problem I Had With Many Saxophone Method Books…

Most saxophone lessons and method books I know of, or have seen are stuffed full of usually good information. The problem is that it’s just too much information touching on everything to do with playing the saxophone.

When you’re just starting out you need more of a narrow focus. Just the right exercises and information to successfully carry you through this first, very important phase of your playing. This keeps you from getting overwhelmed and frustrated to the point where you just want to give up.

This is what I felt while playing through dozens of books and methods when I was starting to learn how to play the saxophone many years ago. This eBook is the “boiled down” approach with the right mix of theory, exercises and the fun play-along stuff that makes learning as pain-free, fun and easy as it can be. All the while keep you progressing to the next level of playing.

I Know Your Frustration and Have Felt Your Pain!

It’s from my own past frustrations and the many suggestions and requests I get from my students and membership that helped me to plan this book. They Said…

Give me:

“… step-by-step instruction.”

“… close-ups of all the fingering positions.”

“… close-ups and clear explanations of mouth and tongue positions.”

“… daily exercises to develop a good tone & technique.”

“… easy songs to learn with play-along backing tracks to make it more fun.”

Who Is This Course Good For?

If you are just starting to learn how to play the saxophone or are planning on getting a saxophone then this course is for you. We start right from the beginning; how to take the sax out of the case and progress step by step from there. It doesn’t get more basic than that!

If you’ve been playing for a little while and want to ensure steady growth with a step-by-step course. This lays down the solid foundation you need to progress.

You must boil things down to the basics:

  • a solid foundation to build on otherwise you may be fixing bad habits for years
  • proper breathing technique, tongue placement, and embouchure
  • develop strong technique through simple scale-based exercises

After going through this course you will:

  • develop a much closer relationship with your sax
  • know if you have the right setup (mouthpiece & reeds)
  • know all notes and their fingerings
  • be familiar with the full 2 1/2 octave range of the sax
  • know how to read the appropriate music notation for every exercise
  • have some songs in your repertoire

Your Unique Benefits

Owning this course and being a member of has unique benefits because you have access to me and other saxophonists in the members forum where any questions or problems can be addressed very quickly.

It’s the next best thing to having continuous private saxophone lessons, without the expense!

*Attention – this eBook comes with links to all of the accompanying video lessons.

The Cost?

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If you experience any problems with this download at all, simply leave me a message in the forum:
Thank you
Johnny Ferreira