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A Perfect Saxophone Daily Practice Routine…

That’ll Get You Results

Just 30-60 Minutes a Day With This Saxophone Daily Practice Routine Guarantees Results!

Practicing is an Art in Itself

It requires discipline and focus, therefore your saxophone daily practice routine should be done when your mind is fresh. Early in the day is better than late in the day after a long days work. It’s way too easy and counterproductive to ramble on without direction for an hour for weeks or months on end without gaining any results with your sound and technique.
If you put the right exercises into those practice sessions each day you can change all that.

Who is This Saxophone Daily Practice Routine For?

This routine I have put together is a solid and strong one specifically for the beginner that can already play all the notes of the saxophone… if you can’t then get the tutorial above!
Also, if you have been playing for several months to even several years, or played years ago but want to start up again and get steady, positive results.

How Long Should We Practice Each Day?

30-60 minutes a day of proper and focused practicing is better than several hours of aimless, unfocused practicing. We need to focus, think, and listen.

The 3 Most Important Things to Practice, and in Which Order

  • Tone
  • Technique
  • Music

Overview of this Complete Practice Routine:


exercise #1 – mouthpiece only

  • major scale
  • major chord arpeggio
  • melody

exercise #2 – long tones

  • using the chromatic scale for long tones
  • full Range of the horn


exercise #3 – developing speed

  • using the chromatic scale to increase speed and dexterity
  • using a metronome to ensure success

exercise #4 – major scales and chords

  • learn and memorize all major scales and chords
  • speed is not important at first

Realistic Expectations After Using This Routine For a Few Months?

1. After 1-3 months, depending on the amount of time and effort put in your daily practicing, you will gain full control of your saxophone’s entire range from low Bb to high F.

2. You will have a stronger and more in tune sound.

3. You will be able to play all 12 major scales and chords.


Hey Johnny…

“….when i had my sax lesson last week,
 my instructor complimented me on the lovely tone i now have on the Sax!

All down to your daily sax routine i started back in August! these tones give me a real high!

thanks for releasing such an awesome product!


“… Your 30 Minute Daily Practice Routine is one of the best I’ve seen.
Anyone can get help from it.


Tim Tuthill

… I’ve been using your 30-minute practice routine for about three weeks now. Today, completely out of the blue, my instructor says, “Geof, your tone has gotten so much better the past few weeks…what are you doing?” So, I told him about your website and all the great stuff on it. True story!

Thanks for your help!


Geof Schwer
Waco, Texas

What’s The Cost?

Price is $27

How Can I Access It?

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