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Major Scale Saxophone Improvisation Course

– by Johnny Ferreira

What Is This Major Scale Saxophone Improvisation Course?

Ways to improvise over any song you play using key concepts involving only the 7 notes of the major scale

What Does It Consist Of?

7 lesson videos over two parts including theory, exercises, and written music material

Most music students can read a piece of music, but very few can express themselves through improvisation

For me, being able to play a solo in a song is the most fun and exciting musical experience I’ve ever known. Do you also have this desire of being able to play a great improvised solo out of the blue to express yourself musically?
question-mark-175For many, the entire concept can seem like a mystery. After all, there are chords and all their extensions, scales and different keys and modes to learn right?

YES! This is a huge and vast topic which can take years to master.

I have good news for you…

I took the great, classic Motown hit “What Does It Take” and built a saxophone improvisation course around it. The techniques and concepts of this course are built entirely on one single major scale. Even better, you’ll learn how these techniques apply to most other songs.

How Can You Play Great Solos Using a Major Scale That Only Has 7 Notes?

By learning a couple of important theoretical concepts that are related to it. When you discover, learn and understand the concept of a scales modes and chords you will start to see a whole new world of musical possibilities which I then show you how to translate into improvisation.

What Do Licks Made From Diatonic Modes Sound Like in a Solo?

Mode Example:

What Do Licks Made From Diatonic Chords Sound Like in a Solo?

Chord Example:

We Will Get Specific!

During the lessons we take a close look at the song “What Does It Take”. We’ll tear it apart by analyzing it harmonically. Learn some basic music theory that will help you play with more confidence and most importantly, how to improvise properly and creatively over it.

*Important note – although these lessons are focused on one song, you will learn that most pop songs are harmonically very simple and so you will be armed with the knowledge and tools to improvise over most songs you will come across.

You’ll Learn:

  • simple but necessary music theory
  • diatonic modes and how to use them for improvising
  • diatonic chords and how to use them for improvising

We All Want to Play a Great Sounding Solo Over Our Favorite Songs

The music is simple and the few chords aren’t complicated but sometimes putting it all together to make it sound right can be confusing or even frustrating. I know, I’ve been there. I lay it all out for you including my own recorded solos using only the concepts taught in the lessons. You can analyze, learn and copy it and then do it yourself.

Your Unique Benefits In Getting this Saxophone Improvisation Course

This course is truly unique and only available here. It was developed specifically for saxophone students wanting to learn and develop in the great art of musical improvisation.

Owning this course and being a member of has unique benefits as well because you have access to me and other saxophonists in the members forum where any questions or problems can be addressed very quickly. It’s the next best thing to having continuous private saxophone lessons, without the expense!

The Cost?

A lot of content for only 47.00 USD

How to get the major Scale Saxophone Improvisation Course

Click the button below. It will be added to your cart and then through Paypal for the final payment process. You will then receive an email with your special download link along with other information regarding your purchase.

$47 Get It


If you experience any problems with this download at all, simply leave me a message in the forum:

Thank you

“… Hey Johnny !!

Worked through the first two videos and I must compliment you !!

The second video REALLY REALLY filled in the gaps in my thinking about MODES ……..
…………… ESPECIALLY since you are the first teacher to show me the ACTUAL PRACTICAL use of these modes in my playing and my improvisation …………..
DAMN !!!  It is like the sun just shined through into my musical brain  !!!

Best regards,
Steve S.

“… absolutely the best improv and music theory lesson ever! I’ve been hitting the theory books for 5 years and found them very confusing with so much information I was overwhelmed and bamboozled.

You remind me of the proverbial teacher who makes everything simple.

A light bulb has switched on and I am now loosely combining chords and modes of fake book tunes and attempting to compose my own versions. It takes time especially with my long hours at work but progress is being made.

Thanks again!
Don T.