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New… FiberCarbon Guardala Saxophone Mouthpieces


A Totally New Concept

First Non-Metal Guardala Mouthpiece Ever Made

Guardala saxophone mouthpieces were started by American mouthpiece maker and designer Dave Guardala several decades ago. These have been considered by many saxophonists to be some of the best playing mouthpieces ever made.

The “FatBoy” design comes from Germany’s Nadir Ibrahimoglu. Nadir is well known and respected for his own designs and for bringing back some of the best from Dave’s originals.

The Fiber Carbon Guardala saxophone mouthpiece is a totally new concept created in 2016 by Nadir. While making the gold and silver plated metal mouthpieces he took the basic Michael Brecker Guardala model and designed his original “FatBoy” model for a bigger sound. Now this same model is available in the Fiber Carbon material.

The Fiber Carbon Material

This is a compound material made up of mainly carbon and fiber-glass. It’s used in many industries including instrument parts and entire string instruments like guitars, violins and cellos. It’s a material that has super strength but is extremely light in weight .

When holding an alto or even a tenor saxophone carbon fiber mouthpiece in your hand it’s literally as “light as a feather”.

The material of any mouthpiece will affect the tone it produces. If you compare a FatBoy metal mouthpiece to a FatBoy fiber carbon one the tone will be slightly different. It will also feel a bit different in your mouth. The most pleasing and best result will depend entirely on the individual player and what they are looking for in their overall sound.

So What’s So Special About The FatBoys?

The Fatboy models are a more recent upgrade design on the older Studio and Michael Brecker mouthpieces. The main reason a player would like the type of sound they produce is because of the baffle.

This mouthpiece has a high baffle with a drastic drop as it leads into the chamber. A higher baffle means less space between the body of the mouthpiece and the reed. This reinforces the upper partials of the harmonics. It’s this design that helps us to achieve more of an edge or “buzz” in our sound. This style of baffle design makes for better tone projection as well.

The FatBoy has a more tight, streamlined focused sound where-as a lower baffle one will not. This type of sound, projection and edge equals more volume. There are certain type of players who don’t go for a loud and bright sound, but if you do then the Fatboy will help to give you just that.

Guardala-MBII-fatboy-back-250high baffle/drastic drop to chamber

The “Booster”

The “Booster”

The booster is a new innovation only found on the Guardala FiberCarbon mouthpieces. This little extra piece makes for a better balanced and precise sound.

rovner-ss-lig-225Rovner SS Ligature

Every Guardala FiberCarbon mouthpiece comes with the Rovner SS Ligature and cap.

This is a durable and free playing ligature which is well suited for this type of mouthpiece.

Many other types of ligatures such as the Dave Guardala, Theo Wanne and the Winslow will fit these mouthpieces as well.

Tenor Demonstration

Alto Demonstration

Order Your FatBoy Today:


The Guardala Studio FatBoy Alto FiberCarbon Mouthpiece

This FiberCarbon Guardala saxophone mouthpiece is the Studio FatBoy model and was designed specifically for the alto saxophone. It’s available in a #6 (.78′) and #7 (.86′) tip opening.


The Guardala MBII FatBoy FiberCarbon Tenor Mouthpiece

This Fibercarbon Guardala saxophone mouthpiece is the MBII FatBoy model and is available in a 7* and 8* tip opening.

User Comments:

“… Hi Johnny,
Just wanted to let you know my Fiber Carbon MBII FatBoy arrived yesterday, and it is amazing!  Very free blowing as advertised, but also very easy to play from Bb to F#.  I find dropping to a 2.5 reed from a 2.75 Legere makes a big difference in ease and tone.”

Thanks for all your efforts to make us better players.

Cheers, Don