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      Re sheet music to “Bring it On Home to Me”. 12 beats to a measure, 8th note gets a beat. This is for my own mental gymnastics. So 1st measure has dotted half rest, equal to 5 beats; followed by a dotted quarter rest equal to 3 beats; followed by 3 8th notes equal to 3 beats. Total beats 5 plus 3 plus 3 equal 11 beats. What am I not counting?


        you’re close William but the dotted half rest is equal to 6 beats not 5. if you divide the dotted half rest in half, you get 2 dotted quarter beats (each is worth 3 beats)
        make sense?


          HI johnny
          My mic is about 4 feet from me and about 6 feet from the floor. I’m sitting as I play. So the mic is about 4 and half feet above the bell. I’m using the King mpc. Recorded sound is a lot better. I still needs a bit of improvement. Just s bit, The room walls are hard adobe plaster. The celling is wood pine and the floor is concrete so there probably is sound bouncing around.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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