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      Hey everybody @Johnny ‘s Rockin’ Establishment of Saxophonic Pleasure and Altissimo Achievement,

      i reckon we could share our insights being to come up with 19 good tips to improve the currently happennin’ Saxy New Year.
      Your thoughts ?

      Anyways i gotta couple to start …
      Yo. Let’s kick it in the guts.

      1) get Shazam and Spotify on your phone and buy a bluetooth speaker. Make saxy libraries. Listen. Soak yourself in saxy music. r and R is best! Funfun

      2)change to a synthetic reed, don’t just be a purist, they are SO good, primed ready to go, each and every time they are on the hammer ya whammer jammers, hey keep a kleenex tissue near, keep it clean thru the day. Don’t die of some gross infection mate ‘eh, run a pull through your sax often and keep ya mouthpiece clean. Very clean.
      In Oz Bari reeds on Ebay. Or, great fibre reeds here on site. Thanx cobber.

      3) draw out ya sax tunes on graph paper as a music score, like for duration and pitch, kinda mediative creative vizualization. Or somethink. Looks good. Makes sense. Pick a song and stick with it, Don’t be a jack in the sax. Like me. Anyways. It is written, To achieve on must heap up small things.

      4) Find some tounge roll airs. Like Johnny & The Hurricanes album, Red River Rock, Track 2 “Crossfire”. Play the air without the sax. Just roll your tounge along with every riff, helps builds up lungs and gets ya well aquainted with song. Blow man blow. Car works real good. Cruzin’. Also hey as part of ya daily exercise routine(s) play a normal note, howz about a B flat say, then roll tounge, then growl. Go up and down scale playing normal, tounge flutter, growl. Growl works best like you are gargling a harmonic. That is to say, picture singing in your slag as opposed to singing in the rain.





      Allrighty. Thanking you in anticipation.





        5) a few useful tips.
        Sax isn’t spelt Sex, unless the lights are out.
        If you’ve got something on your mind, strip off and blow
        it out your …. Sax.
        If a lady enters the room, stand up with your sax.
        If you’re out at sea, take a tenor sax with you instead of a sick bag,
        they hold a lot more.
        Switch to playing an Alto, Tenors have had their day, roll over Beethoven.
        If you’re wondering what a scot’s man wears under his quilt, it might not be a soprano.
        people down under sound different on the sax, they hold the sax upside down.
        Never lend your sax to Saxomonica, something about bum licking?


          Ok i’m lost. I don’t understand anything. It’s like village after tornado hits it.

          All the best in 2019.



            @Simon – no problems, i just can’t take Saxomonica’s comments seriously,
            it’s all Latin to me, pardon my french, half the time it’s like talking in
            riddles. lol

            He probably swears at me in Latin. lol

            Sorry Saxomonica, you’re hilarious.


              6) Hey. Wear ear plugs when you practice, the sax is LOUD and you will hear a certain resonance in your head (this is why you oft see blokes singing with their finger stuck up their ear). Thus. Save your ears to listen later.

              C’mon ozzie c’mon @simon #GetWithTheProgram @WakeUpAustralia – howz about you get caught in The Crossfire ?
              Bonza mate its notta riddle inside a limerick wrapped in an enigma ‘eh
              Sharing is 4 caring

              Yo @sxpoet your thoughts are all the while about a bitta pizza, say, of Gratia placendi (L.), The delight of pleasing.
              Hey Gov you have some thoughts to relate about the French Tickler ya got for Xmas? Please, do share! Nice
              So, good buddy, ya tried sticking your finger up ya nose when playing yet?
              Whoo hoo better than a Tshirt up ya bell!


                7) tubarum sonitu magno difficilius est


                  8) Don’t always expect feedback from people when you do an upload, if you can’t be bothered to give them feedback when they do an upload.

                  9) When you do an upload, upload it in a new thread, don’t gate crash someone elses upload like an elephant.

                  10) beware of websites offering short cuts to master different areas of the sax, no such shortcut exists.


                    11) Leave your sax out in a stand, and pick it up often. Practice fingering exercises when watching television, say. Try rolling yout tounge and growling / humming at that same time.

                    John Coltrane used to practice his sax quietly at many oft times this way, that is without blowing the reed. If this ideas does not turn you then maybe you could try blowing your trumpet? In the cupboard?

                    12)Practce often – some small attempts through the day is ok. But get up and do your regular sax practice first thing before breakfast. Minimum of ten minutes but twenty is far better! 😀

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