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      It seems nothing can ever be perfect but I keep trying! Later today the email will go out as the site is 99% ready with just a couple tweaks do be done.

      Meanwhile, I’ve added a couple new things to the site:

      Recording Your Saxophone

      This is something I’ve always believed to be a major tool at our disposal in the quest for self improvement.
      Some are recording themselves at least occasionally and I’m glad to see it. Others not so much.

      I’ve done a section which includes a couple of videos showing several ways to record your sax at home. From
      simply using a smartphone to a slightly more elaborate setup like I use. Demonstrating of course the specific pieces of
      software and hardware.

      I know this topic can seem a little overwhelming to those who haven’t messed around with recording so hopefully this will help.

      The “Listening Lounge”

      This was the most recent addition which is now up and running with a promise to be fun, entertaining and even offering some inspiration for your playing.

      A jukebox which I’m uploading with my personal record collection. Mostly earlier R&B, blues, rock & roll, swing type stuff. This is
      where that phrase “they just don’t write ’em like that anymore” really comes to mind as you check out some of this historic, important saxophone-related music.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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