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        @jeff – i’ll mail you any new overtone/altissimo tips that i learn from my pro. I keep getting other odd useful tips from him now and then – more on a need to know basis, which only pop when we practice new songs.


          the 1st video – worth trying, as anythings worth trying, but i dont do any of that stuff to get altissimo.

          Seriously, you need to master overtones first before trying altissimo. Once you can do all the overtones, altissimo is a walk in the park.


            You beaut @Jeff this is all very interesting stuff hey and really enjoyed the first video clip mate
            Lip corners in tight, the E toungue thing high and taking in more mouthpiece with lower jaw hmmm
            Man the fast talkin’ dude is doing it in great style / ‘the best sermon is a good example’

            These things are similar to jamming with the blues harmonica
            eg 3 suck has 4 distinct notes and itz same, same almost as above, important blues notes here too
            Blow bends on the 8, 9 10 hole you gotta purse up and hump your tounge and less air pressure
            Overblows on the 5, 6 and 7 hole gotta arch the tounge and uses cheeks to change oral cavity

            N.B. i thoroughly recommend the harmonica to anybody listenin’ – also called “the poor man’s sax”

            Thanx kindly for sharin’ and caring 🙂
            Whammer Jammer Door Slammer

            Yo thanx @Johnny for letting us blokes use your site to advance our saxiness in true blue spirit
            Advance Sax Fair


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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