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      Hi Guys, I’m playing a YAS-62 and trying to find the altissimo G#. Does anyone know the fingering for this note?
      I’ve found the F#, G and A works quite well, but the G# is proving difficult to find.
      Regards Jeff


        Hi @Jeff

        see JF
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        Tone Development Section
        Altissimo Course

        “Altissimo Course
        This is the full saxophone course to guide you from the basic and essential fundamentals to the harmonic/overtone technique and finally the fingering positions for those really high notes we call the altissimo range”.

        ~~~~~~ / ~~~~~~

        Meanwhile another altissimo fingering chart here, ya,
        kind thanks, Jay.

        Altissimo Fingerings for Tenor and Alto Saxophone


          Hi Mark, thanks for the info. I had found the BetterSax chart, but the video is also really helpful.
          I was hoping for a person with the same YAS-62 sax I have, to tell me his/her fingering for G#/Ab.
          I have tried Jonas’ Alto fingering but some of these just don’t work on my sax (my lack of skill?)

          The Theo Wanne Water MP has made it much easier for altissimo than my other MP’s.
          This could be because it requires less air/effort and gives me greater control?

          Cheers Jeff


            sx poet will likely have answers ./… 🙂


              I’ve tried many saxophones and the same fingerings work on all of them. I don’t think it changes from one to the next once we have the skill down.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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